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I absolutely loved every second of it! I played this for like 4hrs I think and it was totally worth it! Your other games are on my wishlist as well so I can't wait! Good job everyone who was involved with the making of this game!

OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH!! 😭🙏❤️❤️ It means a lot to us to know you had fun with it 🥺❤️ 

Thank you for playing and for taking the time to share your kind words 🥰🥰 We really hope you enjoy the other games too!!!


Game playlist:

Even with only short 3 days, we experienced a charming time preparing and making our Christmas special! Renting love for Christmas is a short game you can play for about 2 hours or more depending on reading speed about renting charming men to help with your Christmas on an app. Despite the obstacles or awkwardness at first, the experience turned out to be very very fun!

The men are quite handsome and cute catering to various taste. My favorite is still Alexandre with Dominic close second, hehe. I really like charming men and funny men, I suppose. Of course, the other two are lovely too, and I'm still curious about Kaito's real name. You can't cut off at the end like that! OwO

Anyway, another great game and I'm looking forward to your potential new games!

DAYSVHAVA YOU!!! It's always so fun and entertaining to watch your gameplay!!! We love it and we are so grateful for your reviews too 😭🙏❤️❤️ 

It was so good to see your reactions with Alexandre!! so glad you enjoyed his route 🥰 funny men are always the best choice lolol

Kaito's name is the main reason why we want to make RentingLove 2 happen 😆 y'all deserve to know the truth 🥰 and more romance 👀❤️

Again, thank you so much for playing, for sharing your playthrough, and for being so kind to us 🥺🙏❤️ We appreciate your feedback and we are so glad to see you enjoy the games 🥰


Damn it I wanted to know Kaito's true name 😭😭

I need a sequel- I need valentine day with Kaito T__T


fgasgcaf the mystery of the century X'D don't worry! Renting Love 2 is going to happen!! We are working on it and we will bring answers to this mystery 👀✨

Thank you so much for playing!!! 🥰❤️

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I LOVED IT :((( Playing this made my christmas a little less lonely lol... I really liked Dominic. I'm someone who takes care of people and don't get me wrong, I love caring for peoople, but sometimes you just want to be taken care of as well. Also Dominic has such a praise kink LMAO

This really means a lot to us 😭❤️❤️ When we made this game, all we wanted was for people to have a good time during Christmas because we know it can be hard sometimes 😔 WE ARE SO GLAD DOMINIC COULD GIVE IT TO YOU 😭🙏❤️❤️

also yes….. he is weak to praises 👀👌

Thank you so much for playing!!! 🥰❤️


I just played this and I loved it so much! I've been going through a rough patch and this game gives me so much dopamine! I loved the storyline and it is so amazing! Thank you for creating this, I'm obsessed


THIS COMMENT MEANS SO MUCH TO US 😭🙏❤️ When we made this game, all we wanted was for it to bring smiles and a good time to people, so we are really happy to know the boys could warm your heart a bit 🥺❤️❤️

Thank you so much for playing and for sharing your thoughts with us 🥰 We wish you well and hope to see you around again ❤️ 


dominic has such a bad praise kink lmao

OMG YESS!! 😂😂👀✨


Perfeitooooo, já quero um para o dia dos namorados ❤❤



Para o dia dos namorados a gente não tem nada planejado, porém.... Mais um jogo de natal está chegando 👀🥰❤️ Renting Love for Christmas 2 vem ai!!!

Muito obrigada por jogar e a gente espera te ver de novo por aqui  🥰❤️

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mdssss gnt, fiquei tão surpresa por ver que tinha pt-br seriooo, mas fiquei muito feliz, porq nada melhor do que ler coisas com sua língua ''mãe'' né? :).

enfim, gostaria de agradecer pelo incrivel jogo. me deu uma sensação tão gostosinha que é indescritivel, ate quis passar o natal de 2022 com o Sol KKKKKKK, um amor ele serio, e ficou como meu favorito no fim, pena que é um personagem KSKKS. mas com ctz irei jogar outros jogos de vcs, msm q um não tenha em português, pois eu sei que deve valer muitooooooo a pena tbm, ainda mais depois dessa demonstração de jogo tão esplêndida, como consequência me proporcionando uma otima imagem de vcs, consequência boa essa kkkkkkkkk.

muitooooo obg dnv (melhorou meu dia esse jg serio) nota: 1000000000000/10, ate poderia dar mais, mas não é possivel colocar 0 infinitamente KKKK <3.

AFSUSFSDA BRS EU AMO VOCÊS!!!😭❤️❤️ A gente sabe como é difícil encontrar VNs em português então sempre fazemos questão de traduzir todos os nossos jogos 🥰❤️

A gente fica muito feliz por saber que você gostou e pode aproveitar a sensação quentinha do Natal 🥺❤️ Já vou passar a informação aqui que você vai poder passar o Natal com o Sol em breve 👀 a gente vai lançar o Renting Love for Christmas 2 em breve!! E vai ter em português tbm!! 🥳❤️❤️

AAAAAA MUITO OBRIGADA!!!😭🥰 Você não faz ideia de como seu comentário deixou a gente feliz 😭🙏❤️❤️ Agradecemos de coração por ter jogado e por tirar um tempinho pra deixar esse comentário maravilhoso 🥺❤️

Esperamos ver você por aqui mais vezes 🤗❤️

Ah! A gente tá trabalhando na tradução desse jogo novo tbm 🥰 logo, logo estaremos lançando 👀❤️

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Well, I just stayed up way too late into the morning to binge the entire game. But it was so very worth it. I actually started with Sol and worked my way up (I figured the stars/ratings were indicative of maybe leading to the/a 'true route', haha). I loved Sol so much, I was afraid I had made a grave mistake and chosen wrong (I usually try to save my would-be favourite/best for last). However, each guy is just a complete knockout - I cannot believe how much I like each of them individually. Like.. completely threw what I thought was my type/preference out the window, because other than 'genuine', maybe, these men have nothing in common with each other. It was a bit of a bummer to see the first three get "a few days later" epilogues in a way, whereas Sol did not. But seeing that there is a sequel to come makes up for it tenfold. I adore these guys, and cannot wait to see more. Well-done, well-developed, well-paced. It felt natural, endearing, and genuine. It was wonderful. I'm upset it's over for now, but so excited for the future/sequel. It's well worth the wait.



omg i know exactly what you mean! I do the same thing when I play otoges agfshsvs we gotta savor the best for last lol 😂❤️

We are so happy to read this because we really wanted them to stand out for their own reasons and bring a different meaning to every playthrough 🥺🙏

Thank you so much for playing it and for sharing your thoughts with us. It always means a lot 🥰❤️ We look forward to seeing you around again soon ❤️❤️


Yeah. Honestly, the fact that it had me questioning my play order or wondering what play order I'd recommend says a lot about how each of them are each so good. I just cannot wait for more - I mean, I can, I'm super patient, and it's worth the wait. I wish they were real, though, not gonna lie, I wish boys were that sweet, genuine, and endearing, hahaha.


This game was AMAZING!!!!!! I binged the entire thing in one night and now I'm sad lol. I was SO excited to see you announced a sequel will be coming in the future. So much needs closure and I cannot wait! I can't believe we got the cliff hanger with "Kaito" and his name, torture I tell you. I also am super curious to see what Sol looks like when not in elf cosplay attire, maybe in the sequel, or maybe left a mystery......hmmmm. Regardless, keep up the fantastic work but also take all the time you need for yourselves. Much love!


Yes!! We couldn't just end things here. Especially with "Kaito" lolol also, it was a good excuse for us to bring the boys back with more cozy moments 😳😆 Trust me, Sol has a lot to show you and he will 👀👌

Thank you so much for playing and for taking the time to share your kind words with us 🥰❤️ It means a lot!!

We hope to see you again soon!!


Eu amei de paixão esse jogo😍vocês são demais, parabéns ❤️

AAAAAAA MUITO OBRIGADA POR JOGAR!!! 😭🙏❤️❤️  A gente fica muito feliz que você tenha gostado ❤️

mds eu amei seu nome gjksdahfkjasjh Alexandre ganhando os corações 🥰❤️ ❤️ 


Adorei que teve em português! Poucos jogos otomes tem versão português, e com um lindo traço, desejo muito sucesso (e mais jogos heh)

A gente que agradece demais por você jogar e principalmente por deixar seu carinho aqui nos comentários 😭🙏❤️❤️ Isso significa demais pra gente 🥰

à proposito, eu adorei seu nome 👀😆❤️

A gente espera ver você por aqui mais vezes e esperamos que goste dos outros jogos 🥰❤️❤️


I loved this game so much that I went after the creators to give a positive review. I would love a longer part two of this game! I miss Kaito <3

omggg 😭🙏❤️❤️ thank you so much!!! And yes!! We are going to make Renting Love for Christmas 2!!! 🎉❤️ You are going to spend lots of time with Kaito again soon 🥰


jojo here and all i have to say is if u are looking at the comments to see if u wanna download it or not DOWNLOAD IT RN PLAY IT DO DONT DELETE IT PLAY IT AGAIN BRO THIS GAME OH MY GOD ISTG SOL DOMINIC I CANT THEY ALL HAVE SPECIAL PLACE IN MY HEART but like also if u like sol get in line bec im the first one in line BUT LIKE SERIOSULY GET THE GAME PLAY IT ITS SO WELL MADE I CANT NO MORE

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adhstjdhas thank you so much jojo!!!!😭🙏🙏❤️ Your support means the world to us 🥺❤️❤️


i should change my name on here to sols princess BUT FR IM ALWAYS HERE TO LOVE AND SUPPORT YOU GUYS MWAH

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Everything with sol was perfect it was magical it was everything I could wished for. He was my favorite, I felt their blossoming love waiting to unfold anytime or any minute. I felt their connection their chemistry it feels natural. I felt special. He even have glasses! This is the universe telling me that I could not escape my undying love for megane guys. Most importantly in his route, IT DOESNT FEEL LIKE WORK. 

And dont get start with me on dominic with black butler reference! I can see sebby in him, I feel like there is a progress in their romantic relationship I say 30% since it seems more on friendship but for me there is a hint they'll be together. 

But to be completely bluntly and humbly honest I find dominics route an uneventful one? Cause I played sol first and we already done so much even forgetting to decorate 'my' house cause we are always occupied making dominic's route ... Dull? But I guess it's cause I really did sol first before him I don't know.. But I like his cute side where he'll do anything for her even if he doesn't know how. AND MY FAV SCENE? HIS DECOR ON MC'S HOUSE HAHA ALWAYS PUTTING ON A FIGHT FOR BE THE BEST HAHAHAHA MAN I WISH I HAVE A ONE **** OF A BUTLER LIKE HIM. 

I was expecting them to be her bf but that is where the role play stands for and Alexandre didn't disappoint I felt the title because of him AND WE ARE IN A RELATIONSHIP! I was so happy, and the part when they called at night he suggesting to be on call while being asleep CAUSE IT REALLY HAPPENS IN REAL LIFE making it realistic(for me). 

KAITO IS FIVE STAR?! HOW??? HOOOOWWWWWWWWW????? all of the boys did nothing BUT THE BEST TO MAKE ME HAPPY but here he was guilt tripping me. Im glad i made him last. I RENT MEANING I PAID for him to do something and him pushing HIS RESPONSIBILITIES (THE VERY REASON WHY I RENT HIM) TO ME. What a douchebag. Forgive my attitude your eminence but im very angry at him right now And to think kaito was 5 star? It felt ironic since I didnt like his first impression of me unlike sol who deserves all the stars in the world. Or maybe im just biased towards sol. Hehe. CAN "I" MAKE HIM 1 STAR!!! 

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻. And as usual I like the mc NEVER BACKING DOWN FROM AN ATTITUDE AND FIRES BACK. Im starting to live for your mcs. Im same with the mc 1 star on the first day- JUST AGH I LOVE YOUR MC ITS LIKE THEY WERE REALLY ME!!! im begging to see your other/upcoming works. 

Enemies to lovers.. touche. WHAT WAS HIS NAME?!!!!!?!?!??!! UGH U CANT DO THIS TO ME KAITO YOU WERE SO RUDE YET YOU MAKE ME FEEL SPECIAL AT THE END?! HOW COULD YOU. I just went 3 stages of love.

YOUR MC'S ARE PHENOMENAL REALLY it makes me want not too play other otome cause Ill always compare them to yours, imagining them what would they feel or react if they're made by you.

I thought that every ending they will be together "officially" but kinda or expecting it already to be not... Making me curious if the colorful full version will be the same I mean I want a romantic end for all of them HAHA. 

Your works makes me happy making me remember again WHY im playing an otome game.. and I hope Im making you happy by commenting on your precious works this is the only thing that I can do despite you giving us a masterpiece. I hope this is enough to make you smile. 

Not related to the game: This is me begging on my knees for you and your team to make a sequel of spooky.

Sol is such a sweetheart, it's always good news to have more people falling for him 🥰🥰 aawn that is really sweet that Sol made you feel special! 🥺❤️ It's all we wanted 😭❤️

fdgyag yeees!! Dominic is very proud to know it! 😆💛And yeeah he is difficult because he takes his job too seriously lol

Hmm, I don't know….. Maybe playing Sol's route first had an effect on Dominic's route. Since Sol is all about feelings while Dominic is more about reaching a goal 🤔 but, who knows, maybe you will see another side of him in Renting Love sequel 👀👀✨

YEEES!! Daddy Alexandre never disappoints 😌 he is always ready to save the day 💜 dsayugduas we are so glad to know it 😭🙏 we tried so hard to bring all the feelings on it, so I'm glad it felt realistic 🥺❤️

This is exactly what Dominic says every time he checks Kaito's profile 🤣🤣 oh no, you don’t need to apologize! Kaito deserves it lol he is an annoying brat. 

To tell you the truth, it was all intensional.  We wanted it to look unfair since Sol was trying so hard to make you happy while Kaito didn't even try lol

OOOMMGG!!! Thank you so much, this is means a lot to us asdhyauihgias 😭😭🙏❤️ we work super hard on our MC's because we know how important their role is in these games. Also, because we want people to have fun with them as much as with the boys ☺️

Yes! We are adding lots of romantic scenes for Colorful MIRAI!!!

We still want to bring more content to Renting Love's story. But we will also bring more time games with lots of romance in the future 🥰

Again, thank you so much for playing our games and for sharing with us your experience. It really means a lot and you sure brought lots of joy and smile to us 😭🙏❤️❤️ 

fgduysguyfd you don’t give up so easily!! ….we are still considering it 👀👀


Eu joguei todas as rotas de uma só vez e gostei muito da variedade dos dias com cada um dos personagens! Cada rota dá uma sensação muito diferente, até pela dinâmica entre a protagonista e os meninos, e os 4 são super marcantes. 

De início eu pensei que fosse estranhar muito o Alexandre pela diferença de idade, mas chegando na cena do arcade eu já tinha mudado completamente de opinião, ele é um amor e eu fiquei toda boba no final dele, acabou virando meu favorito, 10/10 kkkkkk.

E o Sol é incrível, ele é lindo, meio desengonçado, e eu passei o tempo todo querendo abraçar ele, foi a rota perfeita pra fechar o jogo, saí realmente sentindo que era natal e querendo um serviço assim pra melhorar meus feriados. 

Muito feliz de ter jogado fora de época, porque foi uma experiência muito muito boa, e pretendo jogar de novo mais perto do natal kkkk animada pra ver suas outras VNs também! 


Eu amo tanto ver comentários em português aqui e fico ainda mais feliz quando é assim, cheio de amor 😭❤️❤️🙏

Saber que você jogou todas as rotas enche a gente de felicidade mds muito obrigada!!!!

Eu tô muito feliz de saber que o Alexandre te conquistou 🥺🥺 ele é o daddy da turma 😂 mas ele é um docinho que merece todos os abraços.

fgdhjfajsf sol!!! 🥺💚 eu fico muito satisfeita de saber disso porque era exatamente esse carinho do Natal que queríamos transmitir pra todos.

Muito obrigada por jogar e principalmente por tirar um tempinho pra deixar essa review maravilhosa!! Você deixou nosso dia muito melhor, pode ter certeza 🥺❤️

A gente espera ver você por aqui mais vezes e esperamos que goste dos outros jogos 🥰

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I FINALLY got back to this game, sorry for taking so long. I loved Sol. People were so judgmental against him he was so insecure, I was so happy when we were friends I hope one thing Parum does is help regain his confidence. I loved Santa!! A whole new perspective.

I fixed a few more of your typos. I hope you haven't been getting offended or angry.😐 I just realized the way people can take that as insulting you guys or something.🙃 I have nothing against Demonbear ether, they are getting better slowly but surely.

I could just be jumping to a conclusion here but just in case 😊

Keep up the good work!!😆

(Subscribe and Like) - This is optional, Thank you😁



omg I'm so glad you enjoyed Sol!! It was so fun to see how you could read his character so easily. You were catching his lines before he said anything 😆👌

Oh, please!!! I always feel so glad when you mention the typos in your videos. It won't ever offend me when you are clearly trying to help me get better.

And, to be honest, it always makes me think deeper about what I am doing. 

The beyong thing……. 👀😂😂 Gosh, i haven't seen that at all!!!! It was so annoying but also so funny 🤣

Also the "heavy and rude" thing 👀 i didn't realize how weird it sounded until I heard you saying it 😅 I'm going to fix it for sure.

Thank you so much for playing it, Para!!!! We always appreciate your feedback and we looove to watch your videos 🤗❤️🥰


Of course,  gosh I could not stop thinking about Sol when I first saw him playing Dominic's route. I knew I had to go back and play him. 🤭

Also, I guessed what Sol would say because you did a great job keeping him in character, if he didn't say what I thought he would say then it wouldn't be Sol. You get me?🤔😁

 I'm so relieved that you weren't offended 😅I realized when I was editing that pointing out mistakes to people sometimes discourages them and I don't want you to feel that way because you're so close to being a great writer.😊

The "beyong" thing was HILARIOUS 😂  I literally thought for 2 seconds that my last brain cells left me and I was incapable of reading. Don't worry about it we all make mistakes. I would barely be able to do anything if not for Google's help.

That "heavy and rude" line was so interesting but I can't wait to see what you replace it with.🤭

Thank you for enjoying them that will forever make my day.

 Your Host,



i'm loving this so much so far! i'm so happy with the fact that some routes end in friendships, while others take a more romantic turn. i started with sol, so my initial thoughts were "oh, are all endings going to be more platonic?" not that i minded, it just wasn't what i expected! played dominic next. he's one hell of a — then alexandre. and MAN. with how sol and dominic's routes went, i didn't expect the kisses and i was freaking out LOL... i'm now about to play kaito!! it's such a lovely game genuinely! <3


omgg thank you so much 😭🙏❤️❤️❤️ Initially, we wanted all the routes to be romantic, but then some characters didn't fit so well in that type of relationship so we decided to risk it into friendship 😆

We plan to deeper these relationships in a future sequel so maybe we'll be able to show new sides of these pairings 🥰🥰

agshausndd ALEXANDRE IS STRIVING!! 😆👌and I'm very happy about it ❤️❤️ 

I really hope you enjoy Kaito's route as well. He may be a little brat but, deep down, he has a soft heart 🥺

Thank you so much for playing and for leaving such a lovely comment 🤗🙏❤️❤️


Binged the whole game in one sitting and omg I absolutely loved this!! I'm honestly so impressed by how natural all the relationships felt despite it only being 3 days. All of the guys had their own charms and ahh I LOVED THEM ALL! I went in the order of ratings and I feel so content, satisfied, blessed! (spoilers ahead!)

Starting with Kaito, fricken loved the banter between our character and him. Love how well they understand each other by the end. Feeding him cake was hilarious, oh you wanna tease me? Well let's see how you like it pretty boy :) Also the way I SCREECHED when y'all name teased XD 

Then Alexandre, omg he's so smooth??? Did not expect to be a flustered mess every 3 sentences from this man. I wanna spoil him with cuddles and hot chocolate! His route made me feel the most comfortable, it was warm and fuzzy <3

Next up, Dominic! He's truly one hell of a -. Loved how expressive he was! And wow the house decor looked insane in his route! The giant snowman and the lights ahh. Also blushing Dominic is perfection, seeing him flustered from his perfect butler form was so adorable.

Finally- SOL, MY BELOVED. This adorable ray of happiness omg. First of all, his design?? He is gorgeous! The hair, the outfit, the elf designs, everything was ridiculously pretty!! Also he's so pure and lovable. Please let me play stardew valley and bake ginger cookies with my beautiful elf <33 

Overall, with my honest feelings considering everything that happened, I give this game 5 stars!
Sorry for the long rant ^^ I had a delightful time with this game and wish y'all the best for future projects :DD 


I have read this review at least five times and I still can't process how happy I am 😭😭 you have no idea how much your words have touched our hearts. We are so, sooo glad that you enjoyed the game so much 😭🙏❤️❤️❤️ 

AFGAHSVSC THIS MAKES ME FEEL SO GOOD!!! Kaito gave me headaches for days because I was worried people would hate him 😅

Glad to know Alexandre keep winning all the hearts and Dominic is serving all the joy 🥰😆 they deserve all the love for real 🥺

OMG THANK YOU!! Our artist is truly happy to read this 😭🙏 she took lots of time planning his visuals to make him stand out as the dedicated cosplayer he is 🥺❤️

Thank you so much for playing it and especially for taking the time to write such a long and detailed review. This honestly has given us the boost we needed to work right now 🥺❤️ Your words will stick with us.

We hope to see you around again 🤗❤️


mano q jogo incrivel senhor to morrendookJDSKJFDSJDSF




Omg, this game was wonderful! I really liked the characters, especially Sol and Dominic, and enjoyed the overall atmosphere, great job! :D


Thank you so much 😭🙏❤️❤️ it really means a lot to us, especially to know that those cuties called your attention 🥺💕

Thank you so much for playing it and for taking a moment to share such sweet words🤗💕


is this game gonna have a sequel? i need to know "kaito" name.


Yes!! We still don't have a date or anything like that, but we do plan to make a sequel with the 4 boys 😊❤️

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holy cow! Im glad to see a new game during our break T^T I enjoyed it, like always <3 I like all the routes. I wonder if there would be a valentines theme soon xD


Thank you so muuuch!!! 😭🙏🥰 This really means a lot to us and I'm so glad you could enjoy it on your break ❤️ Hmmm, I don't know about Valentines but... I know there is something coming for them 😉

Thank you so much for playing it and for taking a moment to share such sweet words🤗💕



Simplesmente PERFEITO, to tão triste que acabou :(

Obrigada pelo jogo incrível <3


fkjhfkajk isso deixa a gente tão feliz 😭🙏❤️❤️ 

Muito obrigada jogar e por tirar um tempinho pra deixar um comentário tão amorzinho 🥺❤️  mas não precisa ficar triste! Logo, logo esses 4 estarão de volta 🤗❤️

(2 edits) (+3)

Just loved this game. The butler route had me laughing, but my favourite is "Kaito". Well done, binged this in one evening. :)

There are a few errors in the English translation for Sol's route, but it doesn't take a way from the story. Hoping one day there is an expansion for these guys.

Love the work you guys do <3


omg thank you so much!!! We really appreciate it 😭 ❤️🙏 and oooh it's nice to know that you enjoyed Kaito's route 😂 🥰

Also, thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. We will give the script a second look and fix it in the next update 🙏  🤗

Again, thank you so much for playing it and for taking a moment to share such kind thoughts 🥰❤️



Eu amei cada segundo do jogo, cada personagem, cada imagem, cada história, MEU DEUS, EU AMEI TUDO, TÔ ATÉ TRISTE QUE ACABOU.
O jeito que a prota é e os personagens, meu Deus, é tudo tão perfeito!

Eu especialmente amei o Sol! Ele é a coisa mais preciosa que esse mundo já viu e precisamos proteger ele de todo mal!

A música mds, me apaixonei! Até o tamanho da fonte é confortável!

Mesmo jogando depois do Natal, esse jogo com certeza fez meu espírito natalino renascer! Agr vou sair decorando a casa com pisca pisca :D

Obrigada por essa obra de arte! 💜

Thanks for all your hard work~!
Promete que vão se cuidar?
Web kisses,


fshkjfaskf não era nossa intenção te fazer chorar 😅❤️ mas estamos muito felizes de saber que você gostou tanto!😭🙏❤️ Faz valer cada minuto do nosso trabalho 🥺❤️ 

Siim!!! Proteja o Sol 😭🥺❤️ ele merece tudo de mais lindo! 

Aah que bom que você mencionou isso! Era uma incerteza nossa saber se o jogo iria ser bom só durante o natal ou se ia valer a pena jogar depois também 😅 aflkjahfjlka siiim!! Pisca pisca nunca está fora de época 😂 

Muito obrigada por jogar e por tirar um tempinho para deixar esse comentário tão lindo e a review tão carinhosa ❤️❤️ E, olha, pode ter certeza que esses boys irão voltar em breve 👀🤗❤️❤️


Oh!! I love it already maybe even more than the last one!!😍😍 I was joking at first that I was only attracted to Dominic first, 🤭 because he reminded me of Sabastion from Black Butler and then,

"I'm one hell of a-"

SO GOOD, and your sentences are so much better now, Congrats!! You totally deserve that break.😁👍

Part 1: 


Gosh, Para, thank you so, so so, much 😭🥺🙏

As the writer, I want to say that I literally had tears in my eyes when you mentioned the sentences and all the writing. I really worked hard to make it better than last time, but I was so worried because we had to rush a lot to make it to Christmas. So, you put me at ease and made me feel so happy. Thank you 🤗❤️ 

And omggg we had such a good time watching you go through Dominic's route haceubdkd it was sooo good!!!

When you talked about Sebastian at the beginning, Alex and I started screaming 😂😂 it was awesome.

Also, I was rooting for you to get all the good answers and I was so happy to see you got the most of it!!! You and Dominic got the compatibility 😳❤️😆

Thank you so much for playing and we really hope you enjoy the other boys as well 🥰❤️❤️

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I think if I get any more compliments I'm going to die of fulfillment.😳

So let me even the scales a little by saying that, the writing in this game, WOW, you can't even tell that it was a rush job, you would think you worked on this way longer!! 🤯😲🤭

You did a perfect job with Dominic, gave me black butler vibes immediately.👏😍

I will totally go back and replay Dominic's story so that I can get (maybe) a secret ending before I play a different route.😄

I love everything about this game already it has so much more humor!! 🤣🤣

Thank you and sorry for the late response, this game is a blast. 🥰🥰KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!! BUT MAKE SURE THAT YOU'RE STILL HAVING FUN AND GET LOST OF REST!!!😁👍


Eu amei todo o sentimento quentinho que esse jogo dá no seu coração.  Também gostei muito dos personagens, quer dizer tem para todos os gostos! E para todos os meus gostos. É um jogo super fofinho. Muito obrigada por ter em português também <3 
Eu gosto muito de natal então todo o clima, todas as bgs as músicas trouxeram muito bem clima. E eu amei o Sol, que elfo mais perfeito <3


aaaaaa muito obrigada 😭🙏💕💕 os comentários em português sempre dão aquela motivada pra continuarmos trazendo mais otoges traduzidos 🥺🤗

A gente fica muito feliz de verdade de saber que você gostou e pode curtir a experiência do Natal com esses boys 💕 (principalmente com o Sol 🥺💚)

Muito obrigada por jogar e tirar um tempinho para deixar um comentário tão lindo 🥰


Ahhh!!! I cannot believe I've been spoiled again and blessed by another wonderful story from you guys!!! You sure know how to put a smile on my face. Just like your Spooktober spinoff, you guys really have a way of creating a magical world that takes me to happier places. As usual, you guys manage to write so skillfully even with constrained time. The relationships and development all felt super natural and smooth despite the time only being 3 days in-game. I complimented you guys for this before, but the fact that you can pull off pacing and character development so well and so smoothly in a short time is literally top-notch writing. 

This game you all created (and the hard work, time, and effort you put in) was a great experience for me. Ironically, this game about getting the holiday magic back was what I needed to feel the holiday magic myself. As I get older, the holiday magic is certainly fading away and it seems as if the days are just passing by. This game made me realize that putting in some effort and the right mindset to make things fun is what makes the holidays so special. No matter how stressed you are about other adult issues. Even though things are harder now and different than when I was a kid, making happy memories with other people I love is what it's all about, and it's okay that it's not the same. For someone like me who has found it harder to enjoy special times nowadays, this mindset will follow me throughout my years and I will do better to make the most of the moments with the people around me. 

But even though I spend most of my time alone and have moved to a new state where I know no one, it is things like this that get me through! I was able to smile and feel some warmth because of this game and the mindset it put me in. Thank you for sharing your feelings and putting so much effort in to make other people happy. I'm super grateful for the experience. I hope you all have a happy New Year and I hope that your coming year is filled with nothing but happiness and success!




You have no idea how happy we are to see your review again. It really means a lot to us. And omg as the writer, I need to say that I'm beyond joy to know that my writing here worked just right. I'm so glad 😭🙏

svjsjbdkdno I'm so happy you mentioned it!!! THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT WE AIMED FOR 🙏

I relate to you very well. I'm also at this age where we start to decide what to feel instead of just feeling 😔✊

This is also why, one week before releasing the game, we were talking about how the holidays didn't feel like holidays at all and that's why we had to work hard to try to express all the good feelings and give the players the same feeling we were looking for.

We also thought about people spending such a beautiful day alone and how renting a nice guy would change their days for a bit.

I'm happy to know that our story did a change for you and made you smile 🤗🥰

Thank you so much, really. We are blessed to receive such a wonderful review as our first review of the year 😭🙏❤️❤️ Your words and thoughts made all of our work worth it 🙏❤️

Thank you for playing it and we hope to bring more smiles to you in the future 🥰

We wish you a fantastic 2022!!!


I played this and omg I love it I played Sol's and he is so sweet just is reactions are the cutest and he always try his best!. And I love that he was an elf made him even cuter!!! Over all great game.


THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!😭🙏❤️ we are so glad to know that Sol got your attention. The boy deserves the love 🥺💕 And our artist is very happy to read your comment! She really worked hard to make his expressions look the cutest 🤗💕

Thank you so much for playing it and for sharing your thoughts 💕❤️

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I finally got a chance to play this and I enjoyed it quite a bit so I figured I’d leave a comment~ above all it made me laugh/smile which is exactly what I needed apparently :) all those ending comments too hahah!

The first route I did was Sol’s because I felt drawn to him (he’s an elf and I love elves!!) and I wasn’t disappointed. He is a sunshine who is trying his best and I love him for it! He will always get my 5 stars!

Then I went to Kaito’s and though he wasn’t my favorite I appreciated him and I thought his good ending was fitting. I want to know more about him! (And I guess I will, since you say the characters from this will be coming back in the future 👀)

Next was Dominic. I didn’t know the character you were apparently referencing but I thought everything about him just worked so well. “One hell of a—“ indeed.

The last route was of course, Alexandre. I don’t know if this makes sense, but I think his was the best route to end on. Everything about it was warm and fuzzy. 

That’s all to say, this game definitely brightened my day. I liked everyone and would be delighted to see them again in the future! thank you :) 


omggg!!! Thank you so much! 😭🙏💕 You have no idea how much your words mean to us. To know that this story was able to make you smile is the best thing we could ever ask for 🙏💕

fahfjha yes!! Kaito is a stubborn kid and I totally understand why it is so hard to like him😂😂but I really appreciate that although he is annoying, you still understood his character 🙏💕

It is Sebastian Michaelis from Kuroshitsuji. I was worried that people wouldn't get the references, so I tried not to let it stand out too much and, like this, not get in the way of the plot but still be a funny thing to see around😆 I'm glad it worked 🥰

And, of course, we are bringing content to these boys in the future so stay tuned for more!🤗❤️

Thank you so much for playing and sharing your thoughts with such kind words 😭🙏💕  We really appreciate it.


So, hey... downloading the game right now and wanted to know, as someone who knows both languages quite well, which one would you recommend me?


Thank you for downloading it 🥰🥰

In this case, I think both languages are fine. Maybe the Portuguese (PTBR) still needs a little a bit of a polishment (?), but it's still good enough 🤗

I hope you have fun!!

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I loved this game so much...I was only interested in Kaito and Dominic in the beginning but afterward I loved the concept and writing so much that I ended up playing through all the (good end) routes and enjoyed all of them! Alexandre ended up being my favorite which surprised even me (because of the age gap), and I love that feeling of discovering my love for a character that wasn't initially there through playing their route. I really hope to see these characters again, or get to see more of your work in the future.


omggg ❤️❤️i'm so happy to read this 😭🙏 Thank you so much!!

As the writer, I'm so glad to know that development in his route worked well to reach your feelings. jhfsafjash i'm over the moon right now 😭  give the old man all the love!! 😆💕

Thank you so much for playing it and for sharing your thoughts. This really made our day 🥰💕


Unlocked all the CGs. If only we got more of a feel for the boys... Anyway, it was definitely nice to always be able to see how a choice affected the affection with a guy. Nice.


ooh thank you so much for playing it and getting all the endings! 😭🙏 I'm glad you enjoyed it 💕


Played this by myself on Christmas.  Loved it.  Watching other people have a Holiday Spirit...  It felt like it was being transmitted through the screen.  The first time I saw this VN, I instinctually had to play it.  So good.

I picked Sol first and realized that he was awesome (also a male version of me), but we would get along regardless.  Then I went to play through the others.  Regardless of Kaito's behavior...  I still would like to know more about him and the name as well...  I am pretty sure others are curious too.

Dominic Aka the Butler...  Good thing I watched the anime...  Who hasn't XD?  That was a really good call back to that one.

Lex... I get it.  Good job.

And Sol...  I named my character "Moon" for fun and for him and it turned out to be great.

Thanks for having this in English and available and I wish you all the best!  I'll definitely still be around and help out the best I can to make a sequel or continuation or even a little bit extra happen for ALL of the characters.

Oh and thanks for making my Christmas and bringing joy into it!  ^-^


omg this is sending us over the moon 😭🙏💕💕 thank you so much!! I'm so glad this game could connect to you somehow and bring the joy we wanted to share 🥺❤️❤️

The Moon name got me 🥺 this is so cuteee 😭💕💕  and we are so glad you had a good time with Sol!!

And omg I was worried about the references in Dominic's route because of this 😅 but like you said, everyone knows that butler 🥰🥰

Thank you so much for playing and for sharing your thoughts with us 🙏💕💕 it really motivates us to keep working and making more games like this 🥰

These boys will be back for sure!! Stay tuned for more 🤗🤗

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wait- portuguese?



SIIM!!! ❤️❤️ É nosso presentinho de Natal esse ano 🤗❤️ A gente espera que você se divirta muito com esses boys. E, com certeza, vamos esperar pela sua review 👀👀 Feliz Natal!!!

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This was so good!! AND IT'S FREE??? I was not expecting the story to be so cute!! And I also wasn't expecting to like Sol so much, I played his route first because I was expecting it to be the weakest (he didn't really seem to be my type of character) but it turns out he might be my favorite. I just love how adorable and wholesome he is, I WAS HEALED. And let's not forget Sebastian ahem I mean Dominic! I can't pick between the two of them, I just loved how his personality was both polite and strict, he was really dedicated and I loved seeing that. I hope to see more of them (Kaito and Alexandre too!!) in the future! Merry Christmas <3


omgg you are so sweet 😭🙏❤️❤️ thank you so much!!!

WE ARE SO GLAD!!! We created Sol to be a little sunshine who would bring some rays into everyone's life on this holiday, so, to know that he actually shone to you, means a lot to us 😭😭 and of course, Dominic would get the spotlight in your heart, after all...😆😆 

Thank you so much for playing it and especially for sharing such kind words with us. We really appreciate it 🙏❤️❤️ 

And, yes, stay tuned for more content from them in the future 🥰

Merry Christmas!!! 🥰🥰




FJHSAJKFHSK THANK YOU SO MUCH 😭💕💕💕 This comment just made our day!! We are so glad you enjoyed it 🥰🥰

Thank you for playing and happy holidays!!!!💕💕


LOVE THIS GAME!! I started with Kaito's route and he definitely grew on me, but because of my personality I don't get along with people as harsh as that, though they may be nice I can't stand the way they act to conceal their true feelings (putting on a harsh front).  Even though he was sweet I couldn't do how he was so straight up rude in the beginning (at least he's honest though? XD) because I usually am just as harsh back so it was difficult to be the bigger person and be nice for the good route. On the flip side, I loved Alexandre so much!! the first play through I really connected with him and happened to choose all the good options and achieve the good route! :) he is flirty but nice (seemed genuine unlike Kaito haha) from the start and kind of overall a goofy guy, which I like. In conclusion, love the characters, even though I wouldn't get along with Kaito, I still love his character and the rest of them are just as cute and amazing and the art is so good it had me looking at it a few times just soaking up the awesomeness.


omgg we totally understand your point with Kaito! It's hard to take a liking to his personality lol he is annoying and we love him for that too 😅💕 But we are really glad to see that even if you didn't enjoy Kaito, you still understood his character and respected him. It means a lot, thank you so much 🥺🙏❤️

Yes!! Alexandre saved the day with his love 💜💜 the old man knows how to take good care of our little hearts 🥺💜 we are really thankful to know that you enjoyed his route and the boys 🙏❤️

Thank you so much for playing it and for leaving such a sweet comment. Your words made us feel the happiest over here 🤗💕💕


Ok so I just played through all the boy's routes (yes good and bad) AND OH MY GOD?!?!?! please tell me we are getting a sequel?! I love Kaito! and want to know what was on that paper so badly!!! Amazing game and I think all the good/bad endings were written very well! Alexandre was by far my favorite and I hope to get more content of them all! PLAY THIS!! especially if you like cute dating sims


Thank you so much!!! 😭🙏❤️❤️

We are so happy that you enjoyed the game 🥺💕 and YEES! We plan to bring more content for them 👀👌 we can't just leave Kaito's ending like that 😆 stay tuned for more!

Thank you so much for playing it and for sharing your kind words with us. We really appreciate it 🤗🥰❤️

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