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A really, really cute game. Julian's and Rosalyn's dynamic was my favourite, as was with Blatella. I'd love Buzz Bee to be more expanded on, but that's just me. Now, excuse me, I'm going to check your page.

Thank you so much for your kind words! Julian and Rosa are the best X'D  and YES we'll be expanding on that in the future. Enjoy exploring our page, and feel free to share any more thoughts or suggestions you may have! ❤️


Why did you play not Android?

The Android version had an issue, and we couldn't solve it; we will try to fix it as soon as we turn our attention to the sublove :)




noooo don't cry!! Frank will be okay :') 


he's too sweet for this punishment 😔😔


I loveed it <3 so cute and cozy, with a bit of wicked humour 

aawn thank you!! <333 


doug and julian supremacy ... the UI was so pretty!!



This game is so fun and silly omg I loveeee it theyre all cuties! Kinda! In there own way lmao, BUT THE ART IS SO GOOD the menu screen, text screen, the animations, it adds so much depth how the game feels and really shows how much thought was put into it!!!

and I love being crazy its so refreshing  

Blatella <33 bud needs love fr AND I SHOULD BE THE ONE TO GIVE IT TOO HIM

anywayyssss amazing game 666/10 


haha yes the way we like fsahuof aouua, and it's fantastic that you appreciate every detail <33

That's the spirit! lol

YES he totally deserves it!! we can't wait to be able to give it to him! to all of them ^^ 

thank you!! hhaha I loved it!!! 💕


wow I had really fun playing this ty so much

aawn we are really glad you had fun~ <333

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I love everthing about this game. I love the UI, the art and the animations and the lovely, deranged MC. She might be my favourite MC. And I was very happy with being able to unnerve Julian. And perhaps because Julain was my favourite LI, I was happy to see him around in the other endings. It was very domestic. 
For being an April Fool's game, there was a lot of effort and passion put into it. I would definitately like to see more of the characters.

Thank you so much!! OMG! favourite MC??? that is such an honor!! We also love her very much she is just a crazy gnome lol

yes yes, the "evil" character being captured by MC was something we needed to do lol fdsaygfau omg "It was very domestic" I loved that X'DD 

We did put a lot of love. and we're grateful to hear that, it encourages us to make a sequel to them <33 


Meu Deus eu vi os comentarios e agora eu to é com medo KKKKKKKKKKKK


hahaha relaxa Julian não faz nada, só faz barulho kkkkkk agora só cuidado com o BuzzBee que esse ai pode morder  X'D 


This was cute and hilarious, and clearly a lot of care was put into it. And I definitely want the serious version of this game now.


thank you!! 🥺❤️ and we will bring!! We are very excited to be able to work with them again!🥰





I don't think that will be possible, but you are all free to create your version/ocs of our MCs 😉❤️


Awwww still thanks for replying though <33



Haha surprise surprise!! 😅 but Rosalyn may change those endings in the future 👀


Desculpa incomodar, mas eu queria saber o que aconteceu com a versão Android

A versão do Android acabou dando muitos problemas e que infelizmente nós não conseguimos corrigir, mas nós planejamos voltar a trabalhar no Sublove então tentaremos resolver isso novamente 😓


could u make a SERIOUS game like this? PLEASEEEE I'll do anything hushdifuhsiufhiushdfoshfdoiwhfoishgouhfuoehfiuehfiuh I really did thought it would be some serious and actual game about testing the potion but no! its some april fools game. I really REALLY loved this game fr BUBUBTUBFUT WHY DID IT END LIKE THATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT

Haha well… good news!! yes, we will do it 🥳 we will give more information in the future, but our Rosalyn will be back with a new potion, and let's pray that she makes it right this time. 😂


Omg! thank u so much, I'll be waiting for it, and..yes, hopefully our rosalyn will make it right haha


WHY DID IT END LIKE THAT DX, it is really a master piece but but but butbtbbbbbuuuuuut whyyyy

Omg! Thank you! We didn't know people would like that much! So we plan to give more than an April's Fools game 😌❤️


yayyyy!!!!!!  thank you so much!!!



Amei todos os personagens e a arte do jogo é linda, fiz até meus amigos obsecaram por esse jogo.Eu vou checar os outros jogos do estúdio e espero ver mais jogos com personagens tão cativantes quanto esse <3


eu realmente me apeguei demais aos personagens(Frank my beloved), então eu acabei ficando triste por não ter um final fofinho com cada um, e fiquei desejando um jogo que fosse possível conquistar cada um.


Aawn nós agradecemos muito mesmo!! Nos deixa muito feliz saber que você também compartilhou com seus amigos 😭❤️

Aaaaah finalmente alguém para amar o Frank!! Mas agora pode ficar feliz que nós vamos fazer uma continuação! Então pode esperar por finais melhores kkkkk 



omg! Julian goes wild with you 🤣

Hope you didn't get stuck with a sexy spirit following you haha 🤣


Whoever is behind this masterpiece of a game, truly, you're amazing! I love your improved art style, you always exceed my aspectatives and each and every otome game you make is so SO pretty and fun to play! Thank you so much for your hard work! Much love from Italy.

omg, thank you so much!! it means a lot to us😭😭❤️❤️❤️


I absolutely love this game! It's so going on my list of best games that I've ever played! It was so interesting to play. That staring contest thing was so hard that I had to download an auto clicker cause I kept losing. Also, I feel bad for Doug! The MC just forgot about him!! His ending killed me. I was like: "OMG I HOPE IT WORKS FOR DOUG!!!" and it didn't!!! I didn't expect for BuzzBee to be a cannibal so that kinda creeped me out. I love Julian though! The way the MC horrified him was hilarious! I wish there was more of this game!! I would defs play it!!

That is so sweet!! oh no sorry about that 😂 We also suffer from the staring contest, we had to play it so many times lol 

but who knows now it will work?👀 We will bring more of them in the future! 

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Blatella is the loml


Hi! I really love this game, I've gotten all of the character endings, but I'm still missing the final CG. Does anyone know how to obtain it?


Dam why do all the good games not have android this seems like a good game but I guess I will never know for sure


This game was super fun! I'm glad I finally got to play it~ I enjoyed all the character interactions, they were hilarious. The art is super gorgeous, as well, I like how colorful the whole game is. And the animated intro + the menu?! That honestly got me excited from the moment I opened the game!

The endings were definitely not what I expected, and I felt kind of bad for all the subjects (especially Doug, poor guy!), but at the same time, they were so charming in their own ways. I'm glad Frank finds joy even as a worm! And haunting Julian is rather amusing~

There were a few typos here and there, plus a one line from Frank after rejecting him in the second round that was in Portuguese (It's: OK. Desejo boa sorte com sua pocao.) But it didn't happen that often so it wasn't too big of a deal, still I thought I'd mention it in case you want to go back and check it.

Either way, lovely game, enjoyed it a whole lot!

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OMG! You don't know how much I love this game the intro, the artwork (it looks different and i'm liking it better than the previous style), the outfits (my fav outfit is Bogart's) ahhhhhhhhhhh. Especially precious boi Julian and I hope he'll find love, souls and some pants because he really need them XD . So sad that this is only an April fool game. If you plan to make serious endings I would love to see what happen to people that "go home with MC' magic", where is Julian from?, why's he stuck in a well?, how old is him?, did he got cursed that everything seem to die wherever he goes?, did the lonely witch have a bff or a bf after Julian drink the potion?, what happen to Doug when he reenter the village?, why/when did MC lock him in the basement in the first place? ,why Buzz-bee is a cannibal? ,what was Blatella's parents on when they name him a German cockroach? and i'm curious about the MC character too! What's her past, her relatives... I really want answers! XP


i loved all the characters! the staring contest with Julian & Buzz Bee had me in HYSTERICS with Julian scurrying around the screen and bee giving me the blankest stare, as well as Blatella's ending. 


Eu amei tanto esse jogo! Cada personagem com suas personalidades únicas e distintas, o enredo, que mesmo não sendo longo, me gerou intriga e curiosidade em saber mais, os minigames que foram muito divertidos, a interface que eu achei simplesmente sensacional, a pequena animação no início... enfim, muito que eu poderia citar aqui <3
Eu joguei todas as rotas e concluí que o meu personagem favorito entre todos foi o Doug, nossa, eu me comovi bastante com o contexto dele e o final foi tão triste (na verdade, eu achei todos os finais agridoces, mas divertidos mesmo assim). Dou destaque também ao Julian e ao Blatella (que se mostrou ser alguém muito adorável no fim das contas). Em geral, eu amei todos eles.
Por fim, gostaria de comentar sobre o design. Eu adorei demais a singularidade de cada personagem, e o cabelo da protagonista me chamou a atenção em especial, achei legal demais ele ser geométrico, combinou muito com personalidade dela (que eu amei, inclusive. Me diverti muito com ela XD)
Meus parabéns pela VN incrível e muito sucesso! Admiro e me inspiro muito com o trabalho de vocês!






Hey i saw my sister play this game and tried to download it but it says i dont have the application to do that and i dont really know an way go fix tha


Actually thought I was gonna fall in love </3 As much as I was interested in Blatella.. I absolutely LOVED Frank just for him to turn into a WORM??? OMG, but like yeah, I made the right call kicking out Bogart and Buzz-bee out first cause they a little weird for sure😭


loved all the characters (including mc), their personalities, and banter. LOVED the art. if only the endings were genuine T_T great game anyways!


simplesmente maravilhoso. not gonna lie, o final do doug me deixou triste demaiskkkkkk em compensação o tanto que ri com o do blatella... enfim, o equilíbrio. fiquei bem curiosa com muita coisa, amei cada minuto da experiência, as expressões faciais dos personagens parecem mas reais do que nunca. os jogos de vocês sempre me deixam feliz, é um conforto bem específico. obrigada por sempre soltarem algo novo e único assim ♡

(meu cérebro apagou a tag de jumpscare, e eu REALMENTE fui com deus na hora


Just want to say I absolutely love this game! I don't know if you have plans on bringing these characters back and doing something more with them. But I sure hope so cause I'd love to play more. 


I loved the hands of the witch in the UI and intro video - it's stunning! The art style is amazing. The face expressions are great :)
I'm so intrigued about the characters now! Especially Boggart, Julian, and Buzz Bee - they seem to hide a lot :D
I wonder if you plan to make something more in this setting - it would be very interesting to see it!


ADORED this game! For obvious reasons, I prefer 17+ games but even still this one got me attached to the characters to no end despite being so short. It's so well made and so fun to play :3 Another awesome game from Honey Bunny!


loved this idea of the mc being the captor !! dougs ending made me so sad T0T also love julian lol hes just a silly lil guy


i don't think he's little but he's cute and silly

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Haven't tried out all choices yet & will possibly come back to comment more. First off, please know that I loved this!! I found the length to be just nice (like it wasn't too short hehe). And I very quickly got attached to some of the characters (specifically Blatella, Frank, and Doug hehe). Still, Imma drop this comment off first before I continue trying out other choices: I DEMAND BETTER FOR DOUG T.T oh my heart, he's surprisingly precious what the heckk. 

Also, this isn't the first game I played from you all but I realised I've never commented on the fact that the art is GORGEOUS <3 Your games' main menu's art is always like a pleasant little surprise hahaha (I like how hovering over the buttons changes up the art - and I think ya'll deserve more credit for putting in effort on that hehe). Anways! I'm off to explore more options frm this game hehe.


Back again! Played and got all the CGs hehe (again, beautiful art!) But man, a lot of things mentioned off-handedly and for a short bit for some of the characters made me go "wait what, you're not gonna say more? but i must know!" xD like woah, what the heck is up with Buzz Bee's candies? what about that plan Bogart talked about that was inspired by his past? what about Doug's history? hahaha, oh well. 

If you ever considered making a longer game based off these character - know that you have one supporter here down bad to get her hands on the VN alright. Again though - good job on this short one <3 Rlly enjoyed it! Will probably play anything you all make, rlly. See ya'll again in another game's comment section hahaha. 


:O I’m back again! I saw this earlier and wasn’t sure if it was an April Fools thing so I decided to wait it out :)

But now I know it’s not, I will say my heart already set on Julian! <3 I’m excited! 


I genuinely love the art, characters and music so much.

spoilers below!!!!:

No joke its so great and I love the characters so much (I chose Blatella) it would be nice to see a real ending (Though the one they have is funny and I was shocked lmao). Also I struggled with the second staring contest idk why I literally thought something was up and the game ended right there but it turned out I just wasn't clicking enough lol.



KJFDSKAHFKJASHF THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! 😭🙏❤️ you are too kind 🥺❤️❤️❤️


I PLAYED IT.AND IT WAS SO GOOD but I forgot that it was for innocents day so I expected a sweet caring balbla ending but it was fun !! My favs are  Blatella and Julian<33 tysm for making the game!!

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