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oh my... this game is amazing i finished my first ending in a few hours

this ending shocked me like crazy !!!! at first i didnt realize there were different endings (my memory is horrible and i forgot the description a few minutes after i read it) so i checked the comments and realized i have to play this again to get different endings

this is truly one of the best games ive played on here ! and i say this while only having finished 1/15 of the whole game with all its possible endings..

if anyone has any recs of interactive fiction similar to this one PLEASEEE i'd love to hear about them.. not sure if they can beat this one though, its crazy good ; )


I love coming back and playing this game!! i love it so much!!

aawn that's so sweet!! fsafgayfga and knowing that always makes us happy <33


Good!! I hope youre having a wonderful time! And I can't wait for the final chapter in Death is a Guest!!! I'm Pretty confident I already have this Mystery solved UwU, keep up the good work, you beautiful person!!!


Não tenho palavras para descrever essa belezura! Personageis incríveis, cada um com sua personalidade. Meu favorito foi Lawrence, como a Christy disse, "sabia que você era uma garotinha masoquista" KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK enfim, ótimo jogo, espero que lance mais como esse!! Não sei se o jogo é nativo brasileiro, mas o idioma está incrível!

Ficamos extremamente felizes em saber que você apreciou o jogo de tal forma! 

kkkkkkk e ela não estava errada X'D aawn nós agradecemos muito! e por mais que a gente trabalhe com o ingles e depois faça a tradução para o portguês, nós somos brs sim hehe


So! After two years of my first comment, I finally completed it!
What can I say besides that I absolutely adored it? I loved the story, the characters, the art, the vibes... Everything!
My ultimate, favorite character was Mr. Hanson. I fell in love with that man, I'm so sorry-
And at the end of the day, I ended up smiling like a fool to the last CG... Crying too, but mostly smiling-
Can't wait to try more of your games! I have played three already, but Colorful isn't finished so I guess it doesn't really count...

Yaaaas!! It's heartwarming to know you enjoyed our game so much. <333

And Mr. Hanson stole your heart? hehe he has been doing that a lot! with everyone! 

aawn <33  we're so honored! Your support means the world to us. and we hope you enjoy our others game as well <333 . 

Thank you so much for playing, and we can't wait to bring you more experiences in the future

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Eu to amando jogar esse jogo, os diálogos, as brincadeiras, as palhaçadas e personalidade de cada, amei tudo. A única coisa que eu odiei foi o Eric, eu ODEIO desse cara 😤


Ficamos muito felizes em saber que você está amando o jogo!! 

haha eu não te culpo todos nós odiamos o Eric X'D ...apesar que tem bastante gente que gosta dele por ser fofinho kkkk 

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Great game! Loved Lawrence. A handsome brooding spicy man.


Thank you!! also true true! ❤️👌


Hi, when I extract the file for the pc version, it tells me that the file is messed up, please fix that, I've been wanting to play this for a long time aaaa

Hello! We apologize for the late answer 😓 but I guarantee there is nothing wrong with the files, it probably got corrupted while downloading, or some anti-virus corrupted it as well. 

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A recommended order, I see. Oooh, giving me the vibes that there's more to the whole story be revealed with each route. Are the bad and friendship endings/all the endings necessary to make sense of every single thing that's going on and recommended as well? I know it's required for the Secret route, but I'm just wondering if everything will make sense without bad and friendship endings.

Sorry for the late answer! it's just a recommendation, it doesn't affect the knowledge of the story if you don't follow it.

To get the secret end you will need to unlock all the endings. 

But you still can do it in any order that you want, since the secret ending it's a new route 😉 


I honestly love it but I have to ask, is there a reason behind the necks?

I appreciate your love and I don't think has something wrong with their necks 😉


Absolutely adored this game! great plot and story line, plus everyone was made so perfectly! I wish Thomas was able to be romanced though!


like if Thomas could be romanced I'd love to see this sweet man PUNCH Eric after learning about his plans and such, I'd love to make out with Thomas ON HIS DESK


Fjssfjsrj omg!!! X'D That would be awesome lol but we closed Teachers' story so the main game will not have updates… but dlc may happen 👀


:O a dlc??? I am so excited if it happens!! i replay your game like every day- i love it so much, im also excited for the next chapter in the murder mystery game you made!

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Fiz todas as rotas e finais, porém os meus favoritos são o Lawrence e Ray; simplesmente homens maravilhosos. QUE HOMENS! 🛐 (Lawrence te amo)

A rota secreta também foi incrível e impressionante. Me lembrou de Doki Doki literature club!


Awn nos agradecemos muito ❤️ haha nossos velhos ganhando o coração de todos kkkk 

Fico muito feliz que tenha gostado! heheh Doki Doki da terceira idade 😂


Best otome. omg.

Ray I love you :=<

awn thank you!! ❤️❤️❤️


This game was not what I expected it to be, but it was absolutely amazing! The story was so damn interesting, plus the best ending was mostly the Secret Route yet the Designs on all of the characters was gorgeous. I definitely recommend people to play this game! ♡♡♡

aawn Thank you so much!! We also didn't expect how loved this game would become! so we really appreciate it!❤️❤️❤️


This was literally the best games ever this is my favorite currently. I love all the men and I like that they are older amazing job! I wish Thomas had his own route though :)

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5 stars for "All the boxes!" <3

Heat level: 2.5/5 "Sweet With a Touch of Spice"

No joke, now that I've finished every route, this was a great game! Well written and decently paced. There are only a handful of typos throughout the entire game, which is wonderful to me. I love that we were given mature love interests; not many VNs offer this. If I had to chose a favorite love interest, it is Lawrence. (He's spicy and takes no crap from anyone.)



The Downside (for me):

(This doesn't change my rating of 5 stars, but man am I bummed about this lost opportunity.)

Deep down, as a psychological romance fan, I wish Eric could have been romanced, but I get it after 'you know what' was divulged. Not the planted items, not the expected stalker-like behavior, but--THAT.

You know what I'm talking about.

And sadly, that one detail is all it would take for most romance fans to scrape a bad guy off their plate--unless they are true yandere fans, but probably not even then.

.... But remove that one detail and you would've had the perfect Yandere love interest to work with and it could've been a great "change me for the better" story. But they didn't. :(

Okay, I'm done pouting now. It's still an amazing game.


Now I'm curious- I've yet to play the full game 😃 bouta change that-


I am totally in love with this game fr

The end of each route it's amazing, i love every character and their relationship with the main character.



and the secret route Omg it even moved me 😭😭



(i love your game)



I have reviewed here before, but I want to give my update review on the updated version! Wanted to update on my original comment but it's too far gone to go back so I'm writing another comment here.

I finally see all the new CGs, endings, epilogues and the secret route (After a lot of replaying haha)! Everything built up very nicely to reach the secret route, and I highly enjoy it! It hurts my heart to go through those bad or not fully happy endings though >_<

As mentioned, my route preference changed over time with the additional scenes, or routes. I really like the epilogues at the end. It feels like they make the endings fuller. Like there's a resolution at the end or just fluffy interactions at the end. 

Also I do feel like the secret route should be named true route haha.


não entendi o final da rota do Edgar T-T


Tem mais de um final :)


loving it so far, they all have such unique personalities!!

already played Mr. Hanson's route <3 

(the craziest thing is that Eric has the same birthday as me, May 13th, spooky...)


omg this was such a good game! also i'm gonna rant about it now so SPOILERS!!

at first i saved this game because i was like aww teacher x teacher dating sim i'll give it a go because why not! and omg let me tell you i enjoyed every second of it so much. the art was beautiful and every choice really felt like it mattered. i ended up playing ray and Laurence's route in one night knowing i had to work in the morning but i was just so invested in the game i just couldn't stop playing! and the more i ended up playing this game and going down all the routes made me just fall in love with them and this game even more! i mean omg leo was so cute in his happy ending he just looked so pretty and i wanted to support him all the way in anything he did! Laurence was the first one to catch my eye when i looked at the game page and then then i saw eric and i was like omg he's so adorable with his purple hair! but the more i got into the game i was like uh oh something's a happenin! so i kept going to get all the endings so i could finally unlock eric's route cause even if we has crazy i thought he was adorable in his appearance and happy personality. but once i got to that route i was like or course i always fall in love with the crazy characters and of course he was a yandere. but god i wish i could have had a happy ending with eric where maybe he could have realized his mistakes or something cause even though he stalked us for years i kinda felt bad for him in a way.. i wanted him to be happy too but unfortunately that couldn't happen due to the whole escape plan that happened. honestly i might just be not very sane for wanting him to have a happy ending but gosh why do i have to like yanderes so much. but anyway i rate this game 5/5 or 10/10 i really did enjoy all of the time i spent playing it and i hope for good games in the future for honey bunny! <3


Absolutely amazing game! I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of diversity in the characters and their backstories compared to other games out there. It was also spicy enough to grab your attention but not too much to where it was smut. I finished it in two days because I was so dedicated to getting all the endings lol. Excited to play more games from this creator :D


wtf is wrong with their necks

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Amazing game, it's so rare to find a game for adult- adult woman not for teens, girls or young adults AND written so well! I did enjoy it, even if I couldn't identify myself with MC character at all, being nearly 38 ( yup those dino's are still playing games!) mix of Ed and Christy myself.  Great job!


Since I'm close to my 30s this vn is literally everything and more for me. :D I had so much fun and will definitely play this again! I'm so excited to see what you guys will do in the future, you have a big fan now!
Much love❤️

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I adore this game!! I LOVED Ray's, Lawrence's and Edgar's routes!!!  (The secret ending ahhhhh)) Looking forward to future games and re-playing this soon :)) Thank you so much for creating this!!!


Eu tenho que dizer que amei cada segundo da experiência.
Pra ser bem sincera, comecei achando que não ia jogar tudo, mas acabei em lágrimas por saber que era o final e não tinha mais rotas pela frente t.t

Todos os personagens são perfeitos, a mc é muito adorável, o drama, o romance, o suspense, a paranóia que vai crescendo até tudo ser confirmado; tudo é perfeito e eu amei o jogo, meus amigos que me acompanharam no processo (eu que fiquei comentando sobre cada coisa no grupo) também amaram, até meu pai ficou interessado no jogokkkkkkkkk

Sobre os homens, eu não sei dizer quem é meu favorito t.t
O Ray e o Lawrence mexeram comigo de uma formakkkkkk
Mas a minha favorita mesmo é a própria mc, que é um verdadeiro exemplo e me serviu de grande inspiração! Ela é um amor, sério

Muito obrigada por, mais uma vez, entregarem um jogo tão perfeito, vou pra sempre carregar ele comigo e de vez em quando volto aqui pra jogar de novokkkkk

Thanks for your hard work~!
Promete que vai se cuidar?
Web kisses,
Yurine~ <3


I created account here just to comment this game. It was amazing. Tbh I didn't know that story about school teachers can be that interesting. You've done great job creating all these characters with their unique personalities and stories. 

It was also the first time I enjoyed all the routes! Even though one of the guys wasn't to my liking, I still wondered what I can learn if I choose him. And I have my favorites as well haha, Ray and Edgar are just too charming. Lawrence too, but he's top 3 because of his possessiveness lol. 

And the last ending is what made me come here and write all this. I just finished it and it made me too excited.

Lastly, just in case you're interested in adding Russian language I'll be glad to translate it :)

wanted to say the same thing about being someone who could translate it but for french instead of russian!! haha

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Este jogo é ótimo. Os personagens são tão bem escritos que parecem pessoas de verdade!!

Minha rota escolhida foi Sr. Hanson, meu querido matusalém , dominador, DogBoy e muito fogoso!!!


i just had to leave a comment. i came across this game lord knows how long ago and my friend and i decided it was worth a shot. and it's hard these days to find good vns like this one (especially on itch. you really gotta dig for it)

i love this. i love it very much. i recently remembered it and came back and was very surprised to see the game was completed. i just had to go back and reromance Lawrence. he may be old but good lord he does things to me. i always felt so bad when doing the others to get the to secret route. just wanted to give my adorable old man all my love and affection ;-;

it's not everyday you find vns that star older people and i mean this age old and im really happy that you all decided to help fill in another portion of the gaping hole. i myself am not within their age range but older folk deserve to have love stories too :D i may have completed the game but it's been saved to my hard drive for future missing Lawrence endeavors ehehe~ thank you for making such a fun game! (sorry for the longwinded comment aha...)


First thing, it is so nice to see game with characters older than me <3. As i joined club 30+ this year i have a little middle middle life crisis :D. Prota is exactly my age so it feels really reassuring, like 'you are not too old'. 


I went for Lars, and I really like this character. He is dominant,  but without being toxic. He really checked several times if Prota is really comfortable, that she wants things with him and not feel pressured or 'IDK how to say no'. Often dominant characters are simply toxic jerks, so i love you for not romantizising this trope and actually making Lawrence a good person, even if grumpy etc.  I also love how we see it in choices, and how choices are relevant for story. I hate guessing games like 'you will get bad end if you tell you like blue color, if you want LI to love you back you should tell you like green'. I just treated Lawrence with basic respect and get good ending :). Very nice!
I only cannot forgive you for missing the opportunity. Why Prota never tease him by calling him 'Mr. Handsome....I mean, mr. Hanson". I know it is clichee but cmon, you give him surname Hanson so it is your responsibility  to make a pun out f it.

And Fox...I totally wanted to switch route to Fox several times :D I hope he is as hot in his own route ;P.

I will totally play other routes, all LI seems interesting! But I need to forget about Mr Handsome before I can enjoy replay. Thank you for the game <3


OMGG MIDDLE LIFE CRISIS HELLO! 😳😭 I'm the game's writer, I'm very close to my 30s, and I'm living this pain right now 😔😆 Honestly, creating the mc and working with her during the story helped me see many good points about this "new life stage."

This girl is living her best life even if she is not "that young" anymore, and I aspire to be like that lol And I really wanted to express it to our players as well. I want people to see that you are not too old to do anything if you are still alive and have those feelings inside you 😊❤️

So I'm really happy to know you had a good time with her too 🥰🥰

DKJHSAFKJH I'M HAPPY YOU LIKED HIS ROUTE!!!! 🙏❤️❤️ This change of character was exactly what we wanted to do with him. It was important to show not just his surface but also his heart and how equal he is to MC if they were to be in a relationship by the end.

And, honestly, I think some situations when Lars asked for her consent were way sexier than they would be if he just forced her into his way 😳

......oh. omg 👁️👄👁️ I'm so mad at myself right now for not noticing this pun!!!! NO WAY!! It would have been fun!! 😭😭  BUT WORRY NOT! I'll save this for another opportunity 👀✨✨

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! We are really so glad to read your thoughts and your experience with Handsome 😳 It means a lot to us and you totally gave us a boost to keep working harder over here 🥰

Thank you so much for playing and for taking the time to share your kind words with us ❤️ We hope you enjoy the other routes too!!! 🤗❤️❤️❤️


Hi I just played the common route and Jesus christ… Beautiful and so sweet already and the artstyle is pretty too😍. Know to the Embarrassing question… No matter where I go, I also click on the replay route in the gallery… How can I start a route? I am to stupid for that 😂 I am very sorry.

There is walkthrough. As long as there is nothing wrong with your game, once you unlock the route game autmatically take you there. 

Hii!!!! Thank you so much!!! We are so glad you enjoyed it 🥰🥰 

Oh, I think you are getting the "Neutral Ending" in the common route 👀 It happens when you don't reach enough points with one single LI but multiples 👀✨ We have a walkthrough >here< to help you get every route and ending 🥰

Let me know if it works for you!


Ahh now I got in the routes thank you very much a great help ✨ bless you

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okay, I have A LOT to say about this game.

Minor spoilers ahead !!! ^^

I played it before the full release and I fell in love with every character (I was so sad that Ray's route wasn't avilable yet 😭) and their stories. I liked all of them but mostly played the game for Edgar, I liked Markus a lot too :D (at first I thought that  Leonard was a yandere lol)

I was so excited but like, SO EXCITED for the full release and it was just amazing. All the routes and stories are great done and just PERFECT!! (I cried with almost every epilogue. And yes, I played Ray's route first, he is the best boy wnjdasudh <3) You guys did a great job with this game, (I'm even playing your other games too! "Renting love for christmas" is just amazing <3 <3) and the secret route is just so good and well done, I even cried a bit!

(And, to be honest, I always thought Eric was weird.)

So, good job Honey Bunny for this amazing game you created!! I fell in love with it, and all of your content is amazing!!! <3

(Pd: I think I've spent too much unhealthy time on this game, but I personally think it's not enough!)

(oh and one more thing, is the "Eric will remember this" thingy suposed to appear? because it's not appearing to me ^^;)

omggg it always makes my heart burst with joy when people come back to play the game again 😭😭❤️❤️ and we are so happy to know you enjoyed the experience with the full version again 🙏🥰🥰

I think the doctor's absence in the Jam release was a letdown to everyone 😅 That's why we worked hard to make his appearance in the full game worth all the wait 🥰 HE IS BEST BOY YESSSS 😳❤️

Eric being weird is his strongest point lolol 😆 Oh, also!! The "Eric will remember this" wasn't in the game. It is an edit made by the player for fun 🥰

We are really happy to read about your experience and how much you enjoyed your time with this story 😭🙏❤️❤️ Thank you so much for taking the time to share it with us!!! It gives us reasons to keep working on more games like this 🥰

Thank you so much for playing, for coming back, and for giving Renting Love a try too!!! ❤️❤️❤️ We hope to see you again!!! 🤗❤️❤️❤️


Honestly, I've played a lot of otome games but this one is definitely up there! Thank you for sharing your wonderful work, it's been a while since I last stayed up late playing a game :D. I might have to come back to this comment section to geek out and / or post fanficcy scenes, because adgfadgfdasdafdtaf <3


Okay, I'm back here after playing all of the routes to report that Lawrence's route had me bouncing on my seat squealing and Edgar's route made me tear up (it hit too close to home... and Edgar is best boi and deserves all the love!!!). This otome is the first one that's made me play every single route and want to hug every single LI and be friends with them all <3 <3. It's been such a heartwarming, cosy experience.

The secret route wowed me too! It was awesome to see everything coming together so nicely.

Thank you for the experience, I look forward to playing some more of your games :D (and maybe replay this one in Portuguese, since I'm currently learning the language *-*). Keep it up, Honey Bunny!!! ^^


ASYFDGSADHJAS OMGGG THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! 😭🙏❤️❤️❤️ IM SO SORRY IM SO LATE TO ANSWER, but reading your comment again now makes me smile again 😭❤️ It means so much to us when you read the experiences and how those characters have become so special to you players 🥰❤️ It's so worth our work!!!

And I'm so happy Hanson has made another victim of his charms 😳😆 ALSO YES PLS! Give Edgar all the love he deserves 😭🙏

Seriously. Thank you so much for playing and for taking the time to share your kind words with us!!!! 🥰❤️❤️❤️


the only time i followed guide was starting with Markus now finished the game and i still think he is the cutest boi

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male creature: breathes 

hanna: omg you are so interesting. like it's nothing like i expected but i am so happy to learn about you. but i will not understand how is your personality until i spend 1 month with you because we have to add something new for the epilogue of our relationship

edit: I don't think Hanna is bad , she is what makes the game good 


Ray's story made me want to live a little longer somehow he is relatable in a way i can't understand 

(1 edit) (+1)

i am sorry for using the comment section like a journal i won't do the same in creator's other games

afhacahvss pls!!! Don't be sorry! It's really fun to see your reactions and your experience through the game 🥰❤️❤️ we are really happy to know you are having fun 🥺❤️❤️ also yes Markus is a baby 😭🙏❤️❤️

(2 edits) (+5)

Also, this is what I thought of EVERY TIME xD

*Spoiler land...** Click "view rest" to see xD


LMFAO I CAN'T!!!! 😆😂😂 This is too perfect!!!


whew. I just finished playing through all the endings and wow, just wow <3 I played it before the full release and I didn't expect there to be that big of a difference but the extra scenes with the characters made it more immersive and pulled on my heartstrings. 

I LOVED EDGAR'S ROUTE, it made me emotional the first time and now it's even more...T^T I especially loved Leonard's epilogue. Seeing him embrace himself. The "secret" tied everything together and made me love the MC even more. I was happy to see the deep bond she had with Christy.

You guys are amazing!!! 


You have no idea how happy it makes us feel to read your comment 😭🙏❤️❤️ 

When we first released it, we knew there were lots of holes in every route that could be better. So we wanted the new content to fill those holes and also add more life to the story. So I'm truly happy to know we could make this experience even better for you 🥰❤️❤️

Thank you so much for playing the first version and for being around for so long to play the full edition too 🥺❤️ It means the world to us to have your support like this ❤️

Thank you! And we really hope to see you around again 🤗❤️


Ok, help me out here guys.

*spoiler land*


I just played Leonard's route for the first time, and I got the sweetest, most romantic ending in existence.  TELL ME how I'm supposed to do the other routes now and break his heart, just to see all the endings so I can unlock the secret route?! D:


I want to say "Don't break his heart!!😭", but at the same time I want to say "Play our game and see the other boys too!!" 👀 aaa this is too hard 😔😭

fakjfhshkjaslha but seriously thank you so much!!! 😆🥰❤️ We are REALLY HAPPY you liked Leonard 🙏❤️ That boy deserves all the love and more attention for sure 🥺❤️


Aw, thanks for replying!  I definitely enjoyed.  Buuuuut I mean....

*spoiler spoiler*

How am I supposed to be mean to him to get his bad endings?! T.T D:

You're so cruel! xD

Maybe I'll put it on skip and do it really fast.  Or try to only pick the "wrong" choices that aren't so heart-wrenching and hope I can get enough points for the different ends that way. ><

Oh, yes! You need to go for all the wrong choices. We have a walkthrough here to help you get all endings 🥰 

omgg 😆 putting it on skip is a good choice not to suffer from his answers lol But get ready because Leonard's bad ending is cruel 😔

(1 edit) (+2)

Oh no, how could you!!!?! D:  And I was so proud of myself for getting the romance ending on the first try, too! xD

I ended up not following the guide exactly and tweaking things so I didn't have to say anything TRULY horrible but still enough "bad" choices to get the different endings >o<

So heart-wrenching!! D:

I full-completed everything, though!!  Thank you for this experience, even if you did make us all masochists for it ;)

I can tell you are Leonard's soulmate by betting the romance end without the guide 😳🥰 

kjahfskhfask we are truly glad you enjoyed it!!! and I can't help but be proud to see more masochists being born here lol 😂😂 

But seriously, thank you so much for playing and for sharing your experience with us. It really means a lot 🥰❤️❤️❤️


This is hands down the best otome game I have ever played. You guys went so hard with story (Lars in particular <3), it's so engaging and so well paced. I've just never wanted to support a creator so much. Keep up the amazing work, you've made my day, week, year, all of it.

dfafhkajhfkjajkff thank you so much!!!!! 😭😭❤️❤️❤️ omgg we are so happy to know you loved it!!!! And just knowing you want to support us already made our work worth all the struggles 🥺❤️ It means more than my words can explain for real 😭❤️ 

Thank you so much for taking the time to share so much love with us!! Your words truly encouraged us to keep doing more 🥺❤️🥰

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