A downloadable horror otoge for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

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The game is available in English and Portuguese (PT-BR)!


After being invited to an art exhibition, the MC finds herself lost in a forest. As if it wasn’t bad enough, an awful storm falls upon her, and the only shelter is a mysterious house on the top of a hill.


This is a Halloween commemorative DLC for the game Colorful未来(mirai). Here the characters have their clothes, story, and part of their personalities changed to fit the horror theme.


MC profile. Click to see VNDB page.

Character's profile. Click to see VNDB page.


WARNINGS: The content may be inappropriate for audiences under 14. Contains mild swearing, violence, and sexual innuendo

It also features flash blinking, loud noises, and screen motion.

Please keep in mind that this game is about bad guys doing bad stuff.

Also! The boys have nipples. Just warning.

  • Customizable Name
  • Full game with 40k words
  • Available in English and Portuguese
  • Six endings
  • Original backgrounds and CGs
  • CG Gallery
  • Endings' Walkthrough
  • Audio description/subtitles
  • RenPy's accessibility menu for font features
  • All music and SFX  are CC/Public domain
How to play
  • Press ENTER, RIGHT CLICK, or SPACE to proceed through the story
  • Press V to enable Self-voicing
  • Press A to open RenPy's font accessibility menu
  • Press H to hide the dialogue box
  • Press S to take screenshots

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Love the games as always  the storyline was actually pretty good. Like the more you play the game and it gives you more options and it's so interesting!

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Eu ameeeeiii! Eu chorei muito. 😭❤️

Esse jogo é simplesmente incrivel, tanto ele quanto sua versão normal; principalmente pelo fato de ser em portugues!


SO I will tell thee of my playing. Hello hi, my name is *don't insert slim shady* and I would like to thank YOU, Honey Bunny, for my experience with this game. So I get very good vibes from Cooby (cooby cooby doo, where are you...) and I do enjoy the tsundere character of Fabian (heh cat boy I knew it). I do...how do I put this...I do like to admire yandare characters for their masking of their true intentions, and also being a lil (OK ALOT) unhinged, but I feel like they would be less selfish if they got to know the character. But then we would get a character like Eric (dont get me started on that cute lil walking red flag. Concerning yet hot) so I wouldn't know how that would work exactly. But JUSEPE OML I love that the MC chooses the right thing even though he doesn't want to go. It made me very sad to know that 3 of the characters learned from their mistakes yet were still trapped. It's things like that that make me like the game. BUT MILLORO was so...UGH. I got icky inside because of him. CONSENT IS KEY!!! Consent is hot. Consent is love. But Eliot was an in between for me. I don't know how to describe him. His character has good and bad. He's polite, yet he proceeds to bite you after drugging you with tasty tea. I like the look of him tho, so AT LEAST THATS SOMETHING. Yes a gentleman UNTIL THE NO CONSENT PART. Thank you for your story!


Ok I haven't played the game yet but the nipple warning had me DEAD. Ok I'm going to play the game now. Byeee Honey Bunny!


I cried at the very end. It's truly a great game. I wasn't expecting to get so connected and wanting to go through everyone to get the truth. Brava!

omg this means so much to us 😭❤️❤️❤️ Seriously! Thank you so much for playing and for sharing your experience with us!!! You really made us smile a lot here 🥰❤️


esse é um dos melhores jogos de todos! até tem em portugues! e eu tbm achei muito legal o fato de que o fabious me lembra muito o lawrence de teachers lp, tipo ele tem a aparencia e a personalidade do lawrence! mas eu tenho que dizer, eu amo os seus jogos! eu até estou em uma jornada de jogar todos os jogos que vcs criare

ACHACSJAVA MDS MUITO OBRIGADA!! 😭🙏❤️❤️ É mto amor pode ler isso 😭❤️

É engraçado pq durante o desenvolvimento do TeachersLP a gente pensou a mesma coisa 😆😆 Lawrence e Fabious são parentes distantes kkkkk

Mas sério. Muito obrigada por jogar e por tirar um tempinho pra deixar esse comentário tão amorzinho 🥰❤️❤️ Você deixou nosso dia muito melhor, pode ter certeza!

Esperamos que se divirta com os outros jogos também!!! 



Vocês não sabem o quão maravilhoso é ver jogos tão bons em português. É uma raridade, sinceramente. Amo todos os jogos de vocês e tenho certeza que desfrutarei desse também! <3

MDS MTO OBRIGADAAAA 😭🙏❤️❤️ Os comentários em português significam tanto pra nós 🥺❤️ A gente vai continuar trabalhando pra trazer ainda mais pq comunidade merece mais otoges and vns em português siiim😤✊ 

Muito obrigada por jogar nossos jogos 😭🙏 e principalmente por tirar um tempinho pra deixar um comentário ❤️

A gente espera que você tenha se divertido com esse aqui tbm! 🥰

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I'm on android/mobile and I've been downloading this game over and over but every time I do the install thing so I can actually have the game and it be playable it says game not installed? I mean ik it's not installed but it was downloaded soooo? Please help me EDIT: problem fixed/also a review on the game :D! honestly if i had to pick a favorite by looks, i'd say immediately it was Lando but by personality it's probs Jusepe, i literally almost cried over his story.... but i also liked Fabian and what he did for mc, you wouldn't expect it from his type of rude. overall i generally loved the game and the cgs and the storyline!!

Hii!! 😊

When you click on the app in your download store, does it pop up any message? Or does it complete the installation?

There is the possibility that Google is blocking the game’s app on your phone because it’s coming from an unknown source. In this case, you need to enable the installation in your settings.

Let us know if it worked for you! ❤️

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hi! technically it doesn't take me to the app/download store but to the screen you go to when installing a apk, also my unknown sources is on and I've even downloaded other itch.io games on my device so that's why I'm wondering why this one says app not installed when I'm actively 

trying to install it. thanks for the fast reply though 

Edit: for some reason now it's working! Yay!

Oh, I'm glad it is working! 😭🙏 Hope you have lots of fun with this game!!! ❤️


Thanks! :D


Game playlist: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLrYuc1W8SHq_uMo-UkfVCEHzn2ZcoaHMH

This is a nice DLC for the main game with the same name and a lovely game to play for Halloween, a mix of spooky and cuteness at the same time about a lady who accidentally got mixed in with the supernatural. Lucky or unlucky? It depends on her priorities and taste, haha!

I really like the personality of the protagonist here with her funny thinking process. She's also very pretty. The men, as usual, are very attractive though I'll steer clear of a certain man who wave knives around there. As mentioned, my favorite is a certain wizard for his ending! Though, for looks, Eliot is my favorite. I just really like beautiful men.

I went in with expectation of bad endings and good endings only, but the individual endings with the men really surprised me. It's pretty interesting! Some endings lacked the omph! compared to the others that makes the men less memorable with their endings for me. Then again some are spoiler free and some are not. I am heavily biased about who I like haha.

In the end, these men are bad people, but at least they're hot. 😋

Great experience, and I'm looking forward to trying out the rest of games in the future!


Thank you so much!! 😭🙏❤️ haha I think she was both lucky and unlucky at the same time 😂

And omgg we loved to see you having fun with her! It was so good 🥰 hhahaha well I can't blame you for that, and we also can't deny how pretty Milorio is 👀✨  aaaaaaand here goes another person to Eliot's Fanclub lol 💗

We totally get it! We wanted to keep it simple with only one ending for each boy and let all the juice for the original game 😳👌

Thank you so much for playing and for sharing your gameplay with us. We loved watching every episode 😭❤️❤️ It was so much fun!!! Thank you!! 🥰❤️❤️ We hope to see you around again 🤗


This was one of the best short VA experiences I've had in a while! The art? Amazing! The writing? Human and relatable. It didn't feel like the MC was outrageous, and it was so easy to feel immersed in the story. 

I have to say, I'm the type to pick from the characters and go from the one I'm least to most interested in, saving that sweet final route for the final moment. But with this one, I just went off into the adventure in whatever way it chose to take me, and that was really exhilarating! 

~~ !!!SPOILERS AHEAD!!! ~~




The first route I found myself on was Fabious. It was very cute, and honestly, it felt a bit risky going back, in the best way.

Secondly I found myself drawn to Milorio. And I mean.. PHHEHEWWW. It may say a lot about who I am as a person but MAN his route was by large my FAVORITE. It's the least relatable I'd found the MC because I'd be putty in his hands LOL. Fantastic writing, and while it had my heart racing, I also just couldn't find it in myself to dislike him. I wanted so badly to give in to that man lol. 

Third route was Cooby. It was very heartwarming and relaxing especially after such a thriller as Milorio. The golden retriever bf lol. 

Fourth I went with Eliot. His route I found to be quite short, which may be the fault of choosing a few long routes at first to begin with. But I really liked the ending of that one. The way it left me with a little question mark hanging over my head felt perfect.

Fifth was actually Lando! I loved that Lando was only introduced after a few playthroughs! Very cool touch. His story was a little short, but definitely enticing to want to learn more. Also his CG was my absolute favorite, easy. 

Sixth and final, I found myself with Jusepe. Which honestly, was the perfect end to the binge I had with this game. Questions answered, ends tied up neatly in a bow, and it left me feeling a bit warmer once it was over. 

All in all I LOVED this, and I am absolutely looking forward to exploring more of your works! Fantastic job :D


yeees!! it always feels good to leave the sweet route for last 🥺❤️ aaagfiaysfg and knowing that you only followed what you wanted just makes us feel so, so glad ❤️❤️






It's really nice to know that you loved him! 😭❤️ Milorio isn't very popular, so knowing that makes us very happy. That devil deserves some love too 👀😳

For sure!! He is totally a golden retriever boyfriend lolol

yeah that is true, and also Eliot was straightforward in what he wanted to do :D 

Thank you so much for playing and for taking the time to share with us such a sweet review! We are delighted to read about your experience with this story 🥺🙏❤️ Just know that you have put a big, warm smile on our faces! 😭❤️ Thank you so much! And we hope to see you around again 🤗❤️


I wish this was a game, not just a spin-off :c I like the character design better and I'm a sucker for supernatural stuff and tortured, depressed men. 

We are so glad to read it, but at the same time, we feel so sorry 😆😔 

It was a nice first experience with this theme, and we are happy you enjoyed it. But this is also the first step for us to bring more supernatural stories of tortured, depressed men in the future 😌 Full stories 👀

Thank you so much for playing it!! 🙏❤️


Is it possible to have an android ver in the future? Just asking.

(1 edit) (+1)

Yes!! We are actually working on it right now 👀❤️ 

We will release the android version around September 😊 Stay tuned! 🥰

Edit: ACTUALLY! The android version is coming sooner. In a few hours!!! 🎊


download it right now i dont g ive a single damn if u are busy or want to download something else u have sexy mc sexy characters sexy vibes literally download it play it and you will thank me later just download it NOW



Thank you so much! 😭❤️






I like the mc's attitude! She thinks rationally, yeah she is shy at times but still keep her mind at right. I think she is one of my fav mc's ever been made. Even if she is right in front of handsome men she is still able to think straight. And she also felt what I was supposed to feel learning those weird or abnormal things unlike an mc who just accepts it and act like its a normal thing.I like that about her and hoping I would come across like this mc again. 

To tell you honestly I was only going to play fab and be done with it and play another otome but I couldnt take my mind out of this so I reopen and played again AND IT WAS ONE OF THE BEST DECISION IN MY LIFE.

I went with fabious first cause he is my type but for me I think I wished I made him last, cause he is the one who "helped" me so it will feel like I was able to go home without any problem and leave with a light heart. It was like im safe to begin with that I was and still free. Idk if I make sense but thats how i will feel if his ending will be my last. I didnt even need jusepe's help. All I need was him. Even completing all of them he still remains my fav cause he was true from the very start.He also saves? Me from.millorio. 

And It was an open ending for me in eli's route cause there is a hint that I also can be a vampire cause he was able to bit me and WAAAHH I wish I saw what happens in the future where I'll see him again I want his possessive yandere attitude. Guess Ill just hope for you if you can continue this spooky ver and have them see each other again or just leave it to my imaginations HAHA.

Am I the only one who still likes Milo after everything? I mean it was his nature from the very start so I expected it. And his ending remarks "to feel free again" I WANTED TO SEE THAT HAPPEN!

An open ending for cooby!! 

I made the right choice to make jusepe second to last cause if I made him first I would not be surprised by their traits. I now know why I didnt feel any remorse on cooby cause he hunted weak people like an arrogant being and I hate prideful people the most. But im glad he changed? Anyways AGAIN it wasnt my plan to play jusepes route but the amazing plotline got me hook! It was worth it. It makes you want more of it. 

Lando's was too short! WAAHH I WANT TO SEE MORE OF HIM. 

I really feel like this would be a great masterpiece if it was longer I mean its still great, but it will be greater! Like an ending they were happy in each route? Or bad end like that. And a true end(the mc died and its all their fault or they think they killed her but she forgave all of them) and be finally free and learn from their mistakes/lifting them from their curse. This story could be so much more. I know there is the original and full version but what about this version? Instead of "you could save me" it'll be "You save me" waahh!!

Will you continue this if I beg you on my knees? hahaha but seriously, please. 


It's hard for her not to get shy with so many hot guys around 👀😂 and omg thank you so much!! We really wanted people to like this MC for this reason! So, knowing how much you enjoyed spending your time with her makes us very proud of our work 🥺😭❤️ Trust us, this girl has this same attitude in Colorful MIRAI ✨

We understand you very well 😔❤️ Fabious' was the only route that got MC out of the mansion with a smile on her face. He'd be a great option to go for last 🥰 and yeeees he was almost got kicked by Milorio 😂😂

If you come back to the mansion one more time because of Eliot after all Fabious' hard work to get you out, Fabious would be so pissed fshffuhasuf 😂😂 

Aside from our writer and two other people, you are the only one that liked Milorio 😔😂 most people didn’t like him lol AND OMG YEES!! I’m so glad that you saw that in him!! 😭🙏🙏 

I think you are the first person to say this about Cooby 👀 poor boy lol but yes, Cooby and Fabious were the only ones who changed for the better, and we are super glad for giving all the endings a chance!  

I knoooow!! Jusépe wants to talk more about Lando than Lando himself 🤣🤣

I understand your feelings lol it'd be great if the spooky edition had more endings (we actually wanted to make endings where MC died, but since we didn’t know how much it could affect the original game, we decided to leave this idea for another time) 👀

I love all the ideas you mentioned here and we totally agree with you. These characters deserved a better backstory and endings too. But since this work was part of a jam, we didn't have time to go too deep into it 😔

We will have to leave the sequel to your imagination for now. We don't plan to come back to this story right now, but maybe we will think about giving it more content after Colorful MIRAI is done 😉❤️

Thank you so much for giving this game a try, for believing in our work's potential, and, especially, for taking a moment to write such a heartfelt comment 😭❤️❤️ You made this team very happy to know how much you loved this 🥰

We hope to see you around again 🥰❤️


the character designs are so pretty!

Thank you so much!  😭🙏❤️❤️


que incrivel um otome game em portugues,vcs são brasileiras/os?

trabalho incrivel


aaaaaa obrigada!!! 😭🙏❤️❤️ Siim! Somos brasileiras e por isso decidimos trazer o jogo nos dois idiomas 🥰 os br merecem mais otoges em pt 😆


There's any jumpscare here? i don't like those,but i'm really willing to play LOL


Hiii!! There is no jumpscare, however, you'll hear some loud noises and thunders. at the beginning of the game. You can turn down the volume just in case 😉❤️

If you decide to play it, I hope you have lots of fun 🥰


Not gonna lie with this and the full game, I think Eli is gonna be my new hyper fixation. I can't even complain I'm addicted <3 


I'm loving this! 😆❤️❤️ Eli did grab your heart good 👌

Thank you for playing the DLC too 😭🙏❤️❤️

(2 edits) (+3)

He really did, the most I was complaining while playing the dlc. Was the end and that  I didn't get to stay with him </3 ahem I'm going down simp central don't mind me- 😂❤️


give me my heart back millio


omgg the hot devil got you 😱 we totally understand the pain 👀😆❤️ 

Thank you so much for playing the game!! 🙏❤️


The end is so NEAR!! DUN DUN DUN!!🤭😂🤣😭🤭😊😁


First, sorry for the super late reply!! We have been rushing our work with the Christmas game and almost had no time to come around 😔

Now thank you so much for completing the game 😭🙏 you have no idea how much your videos helped us to improve and how happy you made us feel 🥺❤️❤️❤️ 

Thank you for playing it and, of course, for sharing all the fun with all of us!! We'll also be here cheering for you 🤗🥰

(2 edits) (+3)

It's okay for the late response you were working on more AMAZING things.😍 Soooo no,🤭 thank you for sticking by even though I didn't have voices for some of the characters 😅 Also for not taking any offense. (To the sentence suggestions and such) 🤭🤭I enjoyed the game very much, I came out of all this very happy because I got to meet and talk to an amazing dev like you,😊 that even liked my videos and was sharing them with others.🥰🥰 You even subscribed which is more than I could ask for so thank you again.😁 I hope everything works out for you guys. 

Happy Holidays 👋😁


I dont have words , first i got ending with Fabious , and then i got ending with my favorite boy Cooby . I have to say the truth , i downlanded the game only because of him , and I don't regret it . Then ending made me sob a little .I wish there were a choice to save him . 

Amazing game with amazing story line and amazing artstyle !

Keep the good work ! its 5 stars from me ! :D


OMG I'M SO GLAD TO READ THIS!!!😭🙏🙏 Cooby deserves all this love for sure 🥺💚💚💚

I'm not going to lie, I also felt terrible for not giving him this chance 😔 he deserved it the most 😭 but I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Thank you so much for playing it and especially for taking the time to share so much love with us🥰🙏💚

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Okay so YEEAAHHH It's been a while since I made a Colorful video and...I'M SORRY.😭 Please forgive me, I just couldn't figure out what I wanted Milorios voice to be so I just... held it off as long as I could. I think in the end I still didn't have a voice for him soooooo yeah. Milorios story UNERVED me, and I think was my least favorite of them all. It's weird because I thought since I was so close to the end I had ended up loving all of them but... NOPE!! So anyway I hope you enjoy it cause I did. I will definitely wrap up the whole playthrough next week. THANK YOU FOR THIS WONDERFUL GAME!! STAY SAFE AND STAY HEALTHY!! 😁 


I can't say we were missing you because we are always watching your new videos but, gosh, we missed your reactions on Spooky Edition 🥺🥺❤️

What i love the most about you is that your reactions are so honest and we learn so much about what we are doing right and what we should work on to give better experiences for the players. We truly are so thankful for your LPs 😭🙏🙏❤️ 

Milorio is the worst guy and we are always excited to see people getting mad at him lol But omgg kxgsirgk we had such a great time with this ending!!! I mean, we felt so bad to see you struggling with Milorio's uncomfortable talk but it was also fun 😔😆😆

Thank you so much Para!! And we'll be waiting for the last ending of this story 🥰❤️❤️


Aww, that's so sweet of you to say 🥰🥰 But really I should be thanking you for the wonderful experience!! I'm so glad I found this game!!😁😁 The last Video is coming out tomorrow so I'm excited!! See you then and stay healthy!! I LOVE YOUR GAME SO MUCH!!😍😊

Sorry for the late response I didn't see it until now 😅🤭😊


eu amei taaaaaaaanto esse jogo 😭😭😭😭🙏❤️

desde o design INCRÍVEL dos personagens (sério eu fiquei muito tempo admirando as imagens, uma mais linda que a outra) até a trilha sonora, quando ela cortava em cena tensa eu ficava O_O ih rapaz deu ruimkk 

o fabious ganhou meu coração por ter sido o primeiro ending que peguei, mas o jusépe foi o último e me deixou em lágrimas, então eu diria que temos um poliamor aqui. eu queria saber mais sobre o fabious também, as coisas que são ditas sobre ele me deixou muito curiosa fkgjdfhkfg 

af fiquei muito soft em vários momentos do jogo, principalmente com o cooby fofinho, ele é tão aiaiiaiaiaiaiaiaii 🥺❤️ outros nem tanto pois me deixaram com um medo genuínoKKKKKK que vontade de dar uma facada!!!! (rs 

eu não costumo deixar comentários porque nunca sei o que dizer, mas eu gostei tanto dessa obra que vim agradecer, obrigada de verdade, foi uma experiência maravilhosa! já to baixando o main game de vocês pra conhecer o universo original desses personagens lindos, e com certeza vou acompanhar vocês daqui pra frente <3

parabéns pelo trabalho duro de vocês, eu amei demais. muito obrigada!!! ❤️❤️ 



A nossa artista fica tão grata em saber disso 🥺🙏 ela se esforçou muito pra fazer esses boys ficarem o mais lindos possíveis 👀🔥🔥

E eu fico aliviada em saber que acertei com a música 🥰 é sempre a parte difícil da ambientação pra mim 😅🙏🙏


O problema do Fabious é que eu quis criar uma história muito complexa e não tive tempo de adicionar no jogo 😅 mas em resumo **SPOILERS** A clínica em que ele trabalhava tinha um esquema para deixar as pessoas mais doentes e sugar todo o dinheiro delas. O Fabious prescrevia remédios errados para os pacientes que muitas vezes acabavam matando.

Ele fez isso por um tempo até conhecer um paciente que fez ele entender que aquilo era errado. No início o Fabious pensou em tirar a própria vida, mas aí ele descobriu sobre a mansão e resolveu deixar que Jusépe decidisse seu destino.

O Cooby é o raio de sol mesmo 🥺🙏 e eu sei exatamente quem merece essa facada 😈😂😂😂

Você não faz ideia de como esse comentário nos deixou feliz 🥺🙏🙏❤️ A gente que agradece por você ter jogado, se divertido e principalmente por tirar esse tempinho pra compartilhar tanto carinho com suas palavras 😭🙏❤️❤️ Muito obrigada de coração!

Seja muito bem vinda ao mundo de Colorful MIRAI e esperamos que você se divirta com os meninos e os nossos próximos jogos também 🥰🙏❤️❤️

(7 edits) (+4)

Wow...Playing this game, I'm getting that nostalgic feeling. I've played hundreds of otomes and VNs since I was like 10, and I'm 23 now. There's a feeling of happiness I get when playing good novels, and it's been so long since I've had that feeling. Pure endorphin release lol! 

Words cannot describe how much I enjoyed this, and how good everything was. From the writing, to the pacing, the music, the art, the GUI, the dialogue, the characters, the overall "mood"/tone...everything was just done SO well! This is a short game but I totally got immersed into this world as if I had played a full length VN game. I had not heard of your main game until now, but I'm gonna lose sleep waiting for it to be released lol! Because just from having played this amazing game, I know how excellent at storytelling and game development your team is. And honestly, I got creeped out AF from this game. Actually scared, and I never really got spooked from a visual novel lol! It's actually really hard to establish tension in writing and you guys really managed to creep me out! 

I fell in love with these characters. I LOVE THEM. I'm honestly kind of salty, I know you guys have to focus on your main game but UIT*^GY&T*guih AH pleaaaseee consider making some sorta sequel to this! 😅🙏  Maybe for another jam next year, or after you finish the main game. This was SO SO good of a concept that it could honestly be a full on game in itself. Ahhh I'm dying for more in that story! 

Well anyways, just wanted to gush a bit and thank you for your hard work and effort. So glad you guys submitted to the jam because you have a new stalker person that will be lurking and waiting for the main game's release lmao. Even though I do not comment a lot, I won't forget about the future game, I'll be looking forward to it! So just know that someone out here loves and enjoys your art if you ever feel unmotivated. As a fellow art type (video editor here) who's struggling with my own dreams and just moved to a new city cross country all by myself, 23 like the MC, I can tell it'll be something I will definitely enjoy playing and relate to. Ahh I'm so excited, thank you guys again!

PS: DID I MENTION HOW MUCH I LOVE THEM!! Have to agree with others, sooo hard to choose who I liked the most! Cooby stole but heart but also as soon as Fabious was being a jerk, I knew I loved him too because I knew he was trying to help from the start! Jusépe literally warmed my entire heart, I want to protect them all. I love the other ones too even though they SCARED me, especially love little Mr. Yandere!!



I'm so glad you enjoyed the game!! And to know that we were able to bring the nostalgic feeling just made all of our work worth it 🥺🙏

We had in mind that it was risky to make a full-length game following the jam's time limit, so some scenes and ideas would be cut out, but your review makes me believe that, in the end, we did the right choices 😊 Thank you so much!

oh don't say it 👀👀 or else I'm going to gather all those cutout scenes and start again 👀👀 lol but, honestly, I wanted the game to be longer too. Like, having the MC coming back to the house and being friends with them would be cool. Also, Cooby's endings got me thinking about how nice it would be to show more of the boys' deeper interaction with each other too.

I don't know if we could make this DLC longer, but who knows? We still have some ideas left 😊

omg I didn't expect it and I'm so happy urstsifjsktdg I really hope Colorful MIRAI will be related to you in some good ways. The boys will be there to cheer on you for sure ❤️

And believe me, we'll always come back to your comment to remind us to keep doing what we love 🥺❤️ this is the only way we can share this feeling with others 😭🙏❤️❤️

Oho, it's another win for the adorable trio 😆😊 Honestly, I'm glad the characters could grab your heart. I know some of them are harder to like, but they also have their own charm. And I especially like the "little Mr. Yandere" title 😆💜💜 I love this!! 

Again, thank you so much for taking the time to write such a long and heartwarming review. Your kind words really did boost up our energy to keep creating games 🥺🙏❤️ 

Thank you and I hope you enjoy Colorful MIRAI too 😊💕


AHHH that little bit of hope that there coulld be DLC is all I needed 😂😂 I'm glad I can encourage you, your team's art is definitely worth it! I'm definitelyyy interested in seeing these interpersonal relationships--I peeped the flowchart of the boys for the main game and super excited to see what you all do with the guys' interactions. Some of the the most interesting stuff is learning about people through their interactions with others and things that their actions say about them.  Even when they're being jerks to each other, and some of the other guys seem rather abusive, I'm a sucker for damaged bois in books and VNS lmaoo and love to psychoanalyze them so  i cannot WAIITTT to learn more about their characters and why they act this way. 

THANK YOU AGAIN for sharing your feelings and art with us fans! I CANNOT WAIIITTTT to playyy all your future games! It may make my expectations of real men be as high as heaven itself but it's a worthy downside 😂 Good luck with things going forward!


Hi, may I ask if there will be an android version of this game?


Hii! For future updates, we are considering it 🤗 Actually, we are going to post a devlog talking about the android version tomorrow 😊

(1 edit) (+4)

Sorry for the little editing. I decided to cut down on it since it was taking too long. But I hope you still enjoy the video😅🙏 

PS: I think Lando's attire might be my favorite😍 (mostly cause he's blue🤭😊🥰)


Ohoh you found Lando👀👀 I'm looking forward to it! 

We'll be there to watch it tomorrow!!🥰🥰


I did!! I was so surprised when there was a run option 😂 

Can't wait to see you there!!🥰 Your game keeps surprising me!! I can't believe I'm almost done...🤭

Kinda sad😢



fksajksj i can't wait to see your reaction!! 😆💕

yes!! omg you are so close to the end. It was a long journey and such a lovely one for us as well🥰🙏 I'm so excited to see it!!!


What an amazing game!! All the characters are so... SO GOOD I loved them all, they are so different from each other and it's so hard to just like one lol but I have to give a highlight to Cooby because omg!! He is so sweet and the end... 

I also enjoyed it so much with them coming back at the end, it was so fun!

And you did an amazing job doing so much for a jam... you manage to do 6 different routes that are impressive! And when I finished a route I just want to do another one!OH and the art was stunning!


OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH 😭🙏❤️❤️ We are so glad you enjoyed the game!! vahsjsna I'm also happy to know that good boy grabbed your heart🥺💚 

Thank you so much for your kind words😭🙏🙏 we worked really hard to give some fun times to the players. So, to receive reviews/comments like yours, just make us proud to know we made it to the goal🤗❤️❤️

The beginning of this game is... a bit of a slog. A lot of the early setup feels like unnecessary throwaway that only manage to slow down the pacing and prevent immersion. The MC feels rather unlikeable from the get-go, which might just be the consequence of all the flimsy beginning monologuing, strangely worded sentences and grammatical errors (at least in the English script.) 

However, I really love the artistic direction when it comes to the MC. Her distraught expression is one of my favourite and the artists style really compliments these goofier, humorous elements. The coffin asset used in the GUI is extremely charming as well. 

The story increases in quality noticeably as soon as the rest of the cast is introduced and the MC has someone to bounce dialogue off. The initial meet-and-greet scene is a little rough, but it gets better as you get to the one-on-one conversations. There are some genuinely interesting concepts and endearing character moments from the boys, but as Cooby says, "If only you had more time [with us]."  

There is no time to build on these stronger moments because at the end of the day, this is a short spin-off of another game. It is alluded that you could have more time with them in another life... it's very evident it means in the main material.

Unfortunately, for someone who has not played that material and doesn't already have an attachment to any of these characters, at the end of the day it does not leave a very strong impression. 


Thank you for taking the time to write such a long review 🙏🙏

Our artist is grateful and very happy to know you liked her hard work 😊❤️❤️ 

There was no time indeed😅 since this game was done by a team of two within 24 days for a jam. This was the best we could do at that moment✊

But I'm glad to know you enjoyed "the one-on-one conversations", it was meant to be the brightest points in the game 🥰🥰

I just need to point out that this game is a DLC and the story is completely different from the main game. The idea was to create a stage play where the characters from the main game were performing this Halloween story. So no, nothing in this game is related to the main material (aside from the characters' faces) and people can enjoy one without playing the other 😊

Thank you so much for playing it and for leaving your thoughts 🤗❤️🙏 It really means a lot to us.


Wow, this one was so straightforward!!🤭 But it was still amazing, my head was all over the place but still really enjoyed it I must say!!😁👍


Para... PARA!! Gosh, you almost killed us laughing! dude this video was so much fun!! The old couple editing killed me😂😂 and when you were talking about Dracula omggg this was the best. You did awesome with this video. I'm so happy to see you playing it I can't thank you enough🙏💕💕


I'm so glad you enjoyed it!! 😊🥰 Also, I'm glad I'm not the only one that laughs at my jokes🤭


I'm so very proud of this editing, I hope you don't mind 😊This game is getting really good😁👍

Part 3:


omgg your editing is amazing!!! I loved what you did in his storytelling moment hsfahsa 😂👌💕 it was AWESOME! And your reactions about Jusépe is priceless 😆🥰🥰 he is indeed the most handsome man in this house 💛 gosh, I loved it! we are following the channel and we are having so much fun with your videos🥰 Thank you so much for sharing it and playing his ending💕💕

oh, btw, I saw the typos so I updated the file with a few corrections. If you want to, you can download this version right now😊 I'm really trying to get rid of these annoying mistakes😫😅


Thank you so much for enjoying it!! Also, for continuing to watch the channel that makes my day and brings tears to my eyes !! 🥰😊😁

One question tho, If I download it again won't it delete the save have, or is it not that important, I could just play it and save it again.🤔😊😁



No, your save should be fine with the update. But, in case it happens, you can use the skip button above the text box. It'll skip quickly the text you have already read😊


Okay, Thank You So Much!! Will do!! I was just making sure.😁👍

(2 edits) (+2)

I had a great time with this game! It's endearing, fun and extremely well-executed. I'm glad I gave it a go!


Thank you so much!!😭🙏❤️ It makes us very happy to know you had fun with it. 

Thank you for playing it❤️❤️


I loved how EVERYTHING is just so over-the-top gothic, including every little piece of the GUI. The attention to detail also shows in things like blurring the background when a character steps closer to the player character. It's a very polished game!

End 2 caught me completely off guard, I don't know how I didn't see it coming but it was a great experience! I still feel a bit rattled in a good way. I'm glad I checked this game out.


Thank you!!!😭🙏❤️❤️ For Halloween we always allow ourselves to go a little extra 😆 

Ooh👀👀 I guess his welcoming nature can be very confusing😁but I'm so glad you enjoyed it❤️

Thank you so much for playing 🥰🙏


Gosh I love your character designs and the gothic vibe. Eliot is also my absolute fave!


Thank you so much!!! 😭❤️🙏 our artist is so happy to hear it 🥺🥰 omgg Eliot!! I'm sure he'd be delighted to know he is the chosen one😈💗

Thank you so much for playing it!!❤️🙏


Finally finished it! I thought my favorite was Fabian but now it's Landon. Wahhhhh the heart wants what it wants TwT


Thank you so much for playing!! 🥰❤️🙏

Fabian is getting all the heart here, but omgg jshfhkasj we totally understand you👀 Landon is just too much 👀🥵


Vai em português mesmo :D

Falei antes e falo de novo, mas eu sempre fico com o coração todo quentinho quando eu vejo que até o tamanho da fonte é extremamente confortável pros olhos. Se até o tamanho da fonte é perfeito, como o resto não vai ser???

Eu achei incrível como que debloqueava o final do Lando, sério.
E AS IMAGENS, MEU DEUS, ME APAIXONEI EM TODAS (ao mesmo tempo que fiquei com vontade de entrar no jogo pra dar uns tapa em certos personagens).
A imagem do Fabious e a do Jusépe então, me derreti toda~ 

Eu agradeço demais por ter deixado eu jogar algo tão perfeito como isso. Eu deveria ter levado a categoria "horror" mais a sério porque eu acabei tendo pesadelos depois de jogar, mas valeu a pena kkkkkkk

Thank you for all your hard work~
Prometem que vão se cuidar?
Web kisses,
Yurine~ <3



gajdsvkdgsys eu tô muito feliz!! O Jusépe deu muito trabalho pra escrever😅 então fico muito contente de saber que você aproveitou 🥰 mds o Fabious tbm??!😍😍 Nossa artista agradece demais! 🤗

Eu até imagino de quais personagens vc tá falando 👀👀 e, olha, te damos todo o apoio pra bater neles 😂

A gente que te agradece por compartilhar tanto carinho 🥺❤️ agcgidjsjsaf espero que agora o Jusépe e o Fabious apareçam nos seus sonhos 💙💛

De verdade, ficamos muito agradecidas de saber que você gostou do jogo. Significa demais pra gente receber seu apoio ❤️❤️🙏 Isso levanta a nossa energia e nós dá a motivação pra continuar trabalhando. Muito obrigada❤️

PS.: Novamente, muito obrigada pela review e por ter mencionado o "return''.  Ficamos na pressa de entregar os arquivos e esquecemos de arrumar esse detalhe. Faremos isso na próxima atualização junto com o update do idioma em português 🤗❤️


Very well written and I love the illustrations. I made a short gameplay video of the first part of the game. Keep up the good work! 


omg thank you so much!!!! ❤️🥺😭🙏❤️❤️

We just watched your video and we are so happy!!!🥰🙏 Thank you so much for playing it and for sharing🥰 It really means a lot to us❤️ 

I hope you had lots of fun!😊❤️

(1 edit) (+3)

ok just discovered this rn will play and update yall cuz it looks amazing <3

update: is this a special for the halloween event and do i need prior knowledge of a previous game to play?


Thank you so much!!! I hope you have fun!😍🙏

Yes, it's a side Halloween story. The characters from the official game are here, but the story is completely different 😊 So you can play it without playing the previous game❤️


thank you sm I've been so busy cuz of uni but so far I love them all <3


Of course! And I'm so glad you are enjoying it🥰💕


I loved the first ending 😍👍


omg omggg fsjkjsafa i can't wait to see it 😭😍😍

Is the video going up? Because Youtube says it's not available 👀


Yes sorry, it's out now 😁 Enjoy!!😉

PS: Please ignore that mistake I did with Jusepes part... I still don't have his voice😞😔😖😭🤣😁


it was so goooood😭🙏🙏🙏 and I'm so glad you enjoyed his ending🥰❤️ and you were so right about the kitty😂 that's was not a small cat lol 

Oh, don't worry about it! You did great with everyone🤗 We are enjoying a lot to see your takes on every character. Your videos are really fun!! Oh, and I'm sure you are going to finish the game earlier than 6 hours👀

Thank you so much for playing it🥰❤️❤️❤️ it really means a lot to us❤️

Deleted 2 years ago
(1 edit) (+2)

I'm so obsessed with this game that I will be recording/playing more endings. They're just not going to come out at the same time,(I'm going to be playing other games) BUT!! They will come out so stay tuned. 😁👍 Thank you for enjoying my videos, but it's the devs like you that help make my videos greater.🥰 So it makes me happy when you enjoy it too!!🥰🥰😊😀😆


The game is really good! I liked Lando's ending the most. The art is very beautiful too.

Keep it up with the good work.


Thank you so much!!😭❤️❤️ And I'm so glad our pretty boy grabbed your attention 👀🥰❤️


This looks really interesting and well drawn but Windows Defender detected Trojan:Win32/Wacatac.B!ml in the file after I unzipped it


Thanks for informing me! 

It's a false positive, probably because of the game icon, but in any case I updated the download with another file😊 let me know if this works for you 🙏


That seems to have worked, thanks!

I'm impressed by the consistency across the sprites and CGs, and the backgrounds are very nice. There are a handful of typos and some awkward phrasings; perhaps getting another pair of eyes could help you out there.

Overall, this makes me quite excited for what the main game has in store!


Oh, I'm glad it worked😊🙏

Thank you so much!!!! 🥰❤️ Our artist have worked really hard to make this looks as good as she could. I'm glad you enjoyed❤️ I see, thank you! I'll be working on this part in the next update for sure!

Thank you so much for playing 🥰❤️

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