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Game avaliable in English & Portuguese (PT)


Moving to a new city with a best friend and a heart full of hopes... This was the perfect scenario for the Heroine's new life.

She knew from the beginning that fighting for her dream wouldn't be easy, but she also wasn't expecting the worst to happen. For two years, she has fought and endured it all until... 

One day, she woke up and the only thing she could do was stare at the ceiling unable to paint anymore.

The girl couldn't feel anything at all. She couldn't see the colors either feel her heart beating.

"Why do I still try?"

"What's the reason for working so hard on this? What I'm doing here?"

"I'm useless..."

After all this time fighting against the world, the true challenge was about to begin.

This isn't just a love story, this is about finding your meanings and accepting who you are through the pain and love.



MC Profile

Main Characters

LI's Profiles

Side character's Profile


WARNINGS FOR THE FREE TRIAL: The content may be inappropriate for audiences under 13. The game contains: mild swearing, anxiety themes and loud noises.

Colorful MIRAI


  • Customizable Name
  • English and Portuguese translation
  • Custom UI
  • Lots of characters' sprites!
  • Original backgrounds (Day/Night colors)
  • +2 hour long for the free trial
  • Blind friendly (Self-voicing and ALT text for images)
  • Deaf friendly (Subtitles)
  • RenPy's accessibility menu for font's features

How to play.

  • Press ENTER, RIGHT CLICK or SPACE to proceed through the story
  • Press V to enable Self-voicing
  • Press A to open RenPy's font accessibility menu
  • Press H to hide the dialogue box
  • Press S to take screenshots


For future updates, we plan:

  • 6 Routes + FREE DLC with a secret route
  • 12 endings (2 endings per route)
  • +120k words
  • 22 Backgrounds (Day/Night colors)
  • Full ilustrated CGs
  • +5 hours of an interactive story for your enjoyment

For the time being, have fun and fall in love with our cute boys 😌 

Ratings and feedback are always welcome.


Colorful MIRAI - Demo + First chapters (PC).zip 308 MB
Colorful MIRAI - Demo + First chapters (MAC).zip 274 MB

Development log


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Mds, eu me apaixonei TANTO pelo Joseph que tô até triste que só tem um cap ;-;

Eu adorei que tem em português, eu com certeza vou mostrar pra todos os meus amigos pra gente sofrer esperando lançar a versão completa junto.
Vô até começar a caçar um emprego pra quando lançar eu ter certeza que vou ter dinheiro pra comprar kkkkkkkk

mds, eu nunca fiquei tão triste por jogar uma demo sabendo que é uma demo T.T

Vou esperar ansiosa pelo lançamento e muito muito muito muuuuito obrigada por nos permitir jogar essa demo maravilhosa.

Thanks for your hard work~
Promete que vão se cuidar?
Kisses from a random girl,
Yurine~ 💜


aaaaaa mds!!!😭😭❤️❤️ Muito obrigada! ❤️Ficamos muito feliz de saber que você gostou do capítulo e principalmente do joseph🥺❤️ ele é o raio de sol desse jogo💛

A gente fez a tradução pensando em deixar mais acessível pra todos então eu tô realmente muito feliz que tenha aproveitado. E por favor avisa todo mundo sobre o Joseph 😁 ele merece muito amor sim💛

Kkkkk muito obrigada! Vamos tentar o máximo pra deixar em um preço acessível no futuro tbm❤️

Novamente muito obrigada por deixar esse comentário tão carinhoso e por jogar a demo❤️ A  equipe toda está muito contente 🥺❤️🥰  se quiser, pode acompanhar a gente no twitter. Lá a gente posta bastante conteúdo extra pra aliviar a espera do lançamento 💕

PS. Obrigada por falar sobre a fonte! A gente tava com muito receio de ficar difícil de ler🙏🙏




I love how the darker skin tones are colored in! They're well done, not ashy-looking, and wonderfully warm. In my experience, what people tend to do is color everything in, and then not account for skin tones when it comes to shading. Your art is refreshing to look at. It makes me honestly happy to see skin tones like my own represented in such a beautiful way, and in such a well made game. Thank you, from the bottom of m'heart. 


Thank you so much!! Your words made our artist feel so grateful and happy❤️❤️

She was really dedicated to take care of every detail and learn about the shading properly.

Our intention, while working on everything about this game, is to help people bond with the characters and see a little of themselves here. So, to know that we could represent this part right really means a lot to us. I can't explain how happy we are!!😭😭❤️ 

Thank you so much again. You really made our day and motivated us to keep going🙏❤️


omg i literally love EVERYONE HERE. I LOVE THIS GAME SM, ty for making it!! i love dani so much!! the fact that their top priority is lauren's happiness MAKES ME TOUCHED LIKE WHAT. I CANT. would it be weird if i said id date them if i coudl?? <3 and then joseph is so sweet and cute, ESPECIALLY WHEN HE PUTS HIS BOOK IN FRONT OF HIM, im just in awh, so excited for the full game!! and then eli and millo are so hot. even if millo seems like such an annoying person, i cant deny how hot he is. and then eli?? omg he seems kind of suspicious asking for lauren or wanting to talk to her like that, but still?? his luscious locks?? what shampoo n conditioner do u even use?? hehe also idk if u mentioned this already but will the game cost money?? aghhh i just love the love interests sm. like not just because theyre all hot, but because of their personalities!! //// jkshfuedsfoh



nooo that's not weird at all! we feel you😔✊ Every time we work on Dani's lines/scene it makes us cry because they too perfect🥺also our artist is overjoyed to know it😊 especially about millo's hotness saving his personality lol

Good question… Eli probably go for something ridiculously priced👀 because, like L'Oreal says, he's worth it lol

The full game will cost money, we just don't know the price yet. This part is still under debating 😅 HOWEVER on September we are going to release every characters' first chapter for free. And later, between September to October, we'll launch a Halloween DLC also for free. The content will keep coming while we work on the full game😊

Again thank you so much for your comment!!! It really means a lot and totally gave us that energy boost we need❤️❤️ we hope you stay around and look forward to the next updates!


Joseph told me 'It's going to be okay' 🥺 10/10.  This was such a lovely demo and I'm really excited to see how the story develops. All the characters are memorable and the art is beautiful! 


aaaa thank you so much!!!😭❤️❤️ I'm so glad you enjoyed the demo and I'm happier that Joseph called your attention ❤️ we plan to bring some new content soon and lots of sweet lines from those boys👀


Really ily sm, i can't wait for the whole game relase, there's no date still right? i'm new here so idk


omg thank you so muchhh❤️❤️ yes, right now we don't have a release date for the full game, however... we have some big news planned for august/september👀 it's not the full game but its something related to it. We hope you'll enjoy❤️


I'm planning on downloading the game but- is it like the main characters' romance options? or you can just hang around I really wanna play it the visuals the graphic's and the art is so PRETTYYY


Hello! omg thank you so much!!! ❤️❤️

This demo is more about the characters and plot introduction, but the full game will be divided in routes per love interest. The main characters are romance-able options for the protagonist.


Hello, I am having a problem downloading the demo :(

I click the link (Windows demo) and nothing downloads. I already tried downloading from a different browser and turning off my adblock, but it still doesn't work.


Hello! Oh… I have seen this before >< 

I was having this same issue with some other games here on itchio. Every time I clicked on a download, it would lead me to another page or show me the popup, but never give me the actual file.

In my situation, it was about my internet connection. It seems that my connection was low and it couldn't complete the action on itchio. The solution I found was to wait a few days and try again. Then the download worked.

Just to make sure, I tested our game download and it worked fine with me. I also asked a team mate to try and it worked too.

I also searched around and I found out that this is an issue on itchio. They said you can try downloading itchio app and then download the game from it.

I’m really sorry this happened. Just let me know if any of these solutions work for you. I'll keep an eye on any posts related to this issue and see if there's any other option :)


It still won't download on my computer, but I finally managed to get it to download from my phone, then I just copied the file to the computer >_< 

I've only just started the game but Ortiz and Millo are my favourites so far :3


Oh, I see! Hm... I'll still take a closer look on this matter and see if there's any answer for this. But now I'm just so glad you could make it! T.T <3

aaaaaa you are the first to mention millo adsfjkhajf i'm so happy!! Soon we'll have more to share for them :D <3

(1 edit) (+3)

Só o fato de ter em português me fez mais feliz, meu inglês não muito bom não precisará gastar esforços.

adorei a ideia, a apresentação dos personagens e aproveitarei a demo

edit1: Yup, amei demais, sua arte é muito boa e o conjunto de situações interessantes


aaaaah muito obrigada!!! <33 A gente fez a tradução pensando exatamente nisso, permitir que todos possam se divertir com o jogo sem ter esse limite do idioma :D

Muito obrigada pelo comentário! Você deixou o nosso dia maravilhoso. A gente fica muito feliz de saber que você gostou e pode aproveitar a historia <3 



(1 edit) (+3)

i love this its so fun


that's sweet!! Thank you so much <33


Np ^^


Will it be available  for  android as well ? Its so pretty


Thank you so much!! <3

Right now, we aren't focusing on bringing it to android, BUT we don't completely put this possibility away. Maybe for the future, yes :D


cool thanks for the reply 


Will this game ever be made to be supported by mac devices? It looks amazing and the guys look really cool (I'm especially interested in Joseph lol) but my computer is a mac


Yees!!! We plan on making this game for mac device as well. We are planning to update the demo soon and see if it will work for everyone <3


LORD HAVE MERCY these men are beautiful 


Thank youu<333