April updates!

Hey everyone! How’s it going? We are back for another ✨Monthly report✨

This time we have some great news and some… Well, we'll leave that up to you at the end of the post 👀


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To start this DevLog, let’s talk about the great news under our sleeves: Colorful MIRAI’s progress updates!

  • Cooper’s 2nd chapter is done 💚

Wait, hold up! By "done", I mean the draft has been cleaned.

We still have a lot to do with him, like revise it and edit some parts, but his story idea is done 😉

  • Fabian’s full route is 100% written!

Yes!! After months of pain and stress, we finally finished it 😭🎉🎉

The only thing missing now is his CGs and all the typos corrections.

  • More CG WIPs

Annnnnd here they are! The fantastic 6 CGs WIPs!!

Click to see it better on Twitter

Click to see it better on Twitter

Click to see it better on Twitter

It’s still hard to guess what is going on, but trust me it’s better this way. The surprise will be worth it 😳

Yes!!! Did you guys play it? How did you like to see the characters in such different scenarios?

We loved working on it and we truly hope everyone had fun as well 💜

  • We also opened an official Ko-fi page!

Now you can support us directly on it 🥰💛

All the donations will help us pay bills, all that stuff, and, consequently, help us make better games 😁

Also!! It'll help us get in touch with more people to help us bring new content to our games (e.g. song composer, vas, etc)

But don’t worry or feel pressured if you can’t donate! Having you guys here already means a lot to us and motivates us to keep going 🧡

But, if you still are interested in helping us, you can do it by leaving rates (5 stars rates help us a lot!!!), writing comments/reviews, following us, and sharing our content.

Let’s move on with the updates.

Colorful MIRAI's title

Some of you may already know about this, but others are still in the dark. So, let me make it all clear for everyone.

Next month, OtomeJam will start here at itch.io, and guess who’ll join it?👀..... We will ✨

But because of it, we are pausing all the progress on Colorful MIRAI for the next two months 😔😔

I know, I know. It’s sad, but take a look at the brighter side: we'll have new free games for you 😲🤯

Also, pausing such a long project will be good for Colorful MIRAI as well. We always learn a lot from jams so we can apply it to CM in the future 💙

Working on a new game is always good for our brains. 

Besides! Last year we were so busy with CM’s demo that we didn’t join the jam 😭😭 I was so sad at that time… but now I can make it up to it 😤

Three canvases of different sizes

So! About the jam, we decided to make a new game featuring new characters and lots of funny moments.

I don’t want to talk much about it, because we are still holding back our ideas to start working on it only on May 1st. What I can tell you right now is:

  • We are trying something we never did before,
  • We are taking a lot of inspiration from StormLovers, TMGS, and Renting Love,
  • Expect a lot of comedy,
  • And, super-exclusive info, we plan to bring 10 new characters for you 👀 all hotties 👀😜👌

If you are interested to know more, please follow us on Twitter or Ko-fi. We’ll share all the progress there ❤️

Colorful MIRAI’s work will resume in July!

Colorful MIRAI's title

So yeah. That’s it.

Thank you for keeping up with us and, please, wish us luck for the next two months 🥺💕

I hope y’all understand it and we'll see you soon ✌️💗

Stay safe everyone!


We often talk about the characters, make polls, and share updates and progress on Twitterand Tumblr. So, if you are interested in more info or have any questions about the game, follow us!

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AHHHH YESSSS!!!!! I get so excited when you guys join jams! I've been spending time on console games, so haven't played any VNs in a while. What good news to return to! Cannot wait to see what you guys make--I already love it by default lol. Thank you guys for always updating; such good vibes and consideration, I couldn't ask more of game devs. Take care of your mental health and try to not stay up late every day of the jam. 😂 I will be supporting on Kofi asap, grateful for all you guys do!


SDHGDAWGSG THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! 😭❤️❤️ I'M SO HAPPY TO HEAR THIS 😭🙏 You are too nice 🥺🙏❤️❤️

Staying up late?! Us?! We would never! 👀👀 lol but seriously thank you 🥰 We are doing our best to not overdo ❤️

and omgg that coffee boosted our energy so much 😭 you have no idea how happy you made us feel 🥺❤️ We'll keep working hard to bring more fun games!

Thank you so much and I hope to see you around 🥰