July updates! Look who is back!

Hey, y’all! Long time no see!! 😭❤️ Ah, I missed writing DevLogs for Colorful MIRAI. I missed you all!!!

We said we would be back in July, and here we are! And guess what? We have some nice stuff to share with you 👀

But first! Let's talk a bit 😊

Three canvases of different sizes

As you all know, we took a break from developing CM to work on our entry for Otome Jam. And it was so much FUN!

Have you played it yet? Our entry is Teachers. With Love and Passion.

The game is about a 30 years old woman starting her new life as a teacher at a local school.

We are still working on some improvements and Ray's route 👀 The update will bring a lot of new content, so stay tuned 😳💛

We love to create characters and stories just to share some of our love and joy with everyone else. So, joining a Jam between a long project is really nice. It gives us a boost to keep working and improve what we have already done 🥰

If you are a dev or you want to be a dev, I think you should give any Jam a try. I'm not going to lie! It is very stressful, and sometimes, it can get to your head and turn everything into a nightmare. HOWEVER, you will also learn a lot about game development, working with people, and yourself and your own boundaries 😉💗

Also, don't worry too much if you can't make it to the deadline. Enjoy the process and be proud of taking the first step to just be there and take part in it 🥰

In the end, the feeling of satisfaction is worth all the pain you go through during working on it.

So, we would like to take this moment to highlight our favorite entries during the OtomeJam!

If you haven’t played yet, give them all a try!! Everyone worked so hard and did such an amazing job 😭💜🧡

After working so hard on Otome Jam, we learned a lot, and of course, we are applying it to Colorful MIRAI (but no, we are not adding the chat to this game. We are not working with that hell thing ever again 😫)

Colorful MIRAI's title

Now let's talk about what matters here.

What news do we have for Colorful MIRAI?

  • More sprites.

The characters are getting new poses and *drum rolls* full body sprites!! 😭🥳

Yes, Alex decided to face her nightmare of drawing legs and finally made it. We already shared Fabian's and Eli's booties on ko-fi 👀 Hot stuff, guys 😳😳

I think it is fair to share another one here...

Right now, we have done: Fabian, Eli, Landon, Millo, and Joseph.

  • Characters’ redesign.

We are taking so long to finish this game that even  Eli’s hair has gotten longer lol

Yes, Alex is making a few changes. Some changes are so light that they may go unnoticed, while others are easier to see... like Joseph’s new outfit.

  • The story and system are still the same.

YES! We will probably make the story longer because you know us 😔 We don’t know how to make things short 😩 but the plot remains the same 😊

Also, we have new backgrounds and art 👀

Hopefully, we will update the demo with the new stuff. So, stay tuned 🥰💚

Three canvases of different sizes

Right now, we are working on both Colorful MIRAI and TeahcersLP. We want to finish Ray’s update as soon as possible so we can have all of our focus back on CM again ✊

So, please, bear with our slow pace for the next few weeks. We promise it will be worth it 🥺🙏

Thank you all for reading it and for staying around with us for so long. You all make it worth the struggles 😭💙

See you around! ✌️


We often talk about the characters, make polls, and share updates and progress on Twitterand Tumblr. So, if you are interested in more info or have any questions about the game, follow us!

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Aww thank you for the shoutout! Loved your entry (older protags and LIs yeeeessss it gives me life) and had a blast playing it! Excited to see what youre working on now. 👀

FAUSGAFAF THANK YOU!! We could not let your game out of our list when we had a great time playing it 😩❤️ we are still not over Jules and Aimee!! 🥺❤️

We sure will be around to see more from you too 🥰🥰 


Thank you so much for the Fatal Affair shoutout~ We are wishing your team the best! <3

THANK YOU FOR MAKING SUCH A FUN DEMO TOO 🙏 We will be around to see more from you for sure 🤗❤️ 


Oh meu boy ta ganhando roupas novas.

Ah e falando em Teachrs tou apaixonada pelo Edgar, gostei muito da rota do Leo tambem tudo tão lindinho e as palavras de vocês sobre dev games foram incríveis tudo de bom


SIIM!!! 🥰💛💛 Alex decidiu fazer um design que chamasse mais atenção e destacasse a personalidade dele melhor. Ele tá tão lindinho 🥺 mal vejo a hora de compartilhar aqui!

HDGASJDGJH MDS FICO TÃO FELIZ DE SABER!!! 😭❤️ Logo o Leo vai ganhar mais conteúdo pra passar mais tempo com ele e CGs 👀👀

Muito obrigada por acompanhar a gente!!! 😭❤️🙏