Thank you! Also updates.

Hello, hello, hello! How’s everyone doing?

This is our very first post and we’d like to talk about some important stuff.

To start, we want to say a big thank you to everyone who downloaded the game, for all the collections and to those following this project. We were surprised to see so much interest on the demo in its first week. It was shocking, to be honest lol

It really means a lot and give us motivation to keep working hard. So, thank you very much.


Now about the game,

 Since the demo release, we are talking about possible things that can make this game better (visually and storytelling), we decided to make some chances on the background art you have seen in this demo. So far, we can say that there is a huge change. You'll be surprised when playing the game again.

About the story, there’ll be 6 routes as announced on the main page and right now we have:

Game introduction (demo) 100%

Fabian's route (4 chapter and 2 endings) 95% done

Next route to work on: Millo.


To sum up, what can you expect for the next updates?

  • New backgrounds,
  • CGs
  • Route’s percentage
  • New sprits


We are discussing all of this and possible plot holes/mistakes we need to work on to make sure everyone's experience can be enjoyable.

Once again, thank you for giving this game a try and we hope to talk about the process some more soon.


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